The Netflix series “The 100” featured a diverse group of characters with radically divergent personalities, and the following is a list of the best cast members in “The 100.”

When The 100 first formed, it was a collection of miscreants attempting to survive on the ground, and the council was urgently trying to save oxygen. By the end of the first season, however, there were significant differences in where the main characters ended up. Everyone had to learn what it meant to make life-or-death decisions afterward. Throughout the seven seasons, everyone’s character grew as their lives forced them to. Some people, however, had a more intense experience than others due to their length of time on the show or their involvement in major decisions.

It was impossible to keep track of all of the characters who appeared and disappeared throughout The 100. It was difficult to take sides because there were various different sources of tension between them. At the end of the day, it all came down to how much they were ready to give up in order to preserve the human race’s survival.

Even the noblest characters were occasionally unpleasant at the start of the series, but their acts have ultimately proven to be for the greater good. Fans forgave these characters because of their happy endings, yet some were still more popular than others.

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List of Best cast in “The 100”


It’s not that Echo hasn’t grown as a character. It’s the fact that Echo’s most significant growth takes place off-screen. In season seven, Echo gets a flashback to when she switched allegiances to Spacekru. However, Echo’s friendship with anyone other than Bellamy is never shown in any other scenes.

Jasper jordan


Jasper was frequently a source of annoyance, but his role as one of the original hundred earned him a place in fans’ hearts. Fans found him unpleasant at times, but his actions were quite mild in comparison to the rest of the cast. Jasper didn’t want to be a part of the People of Heaven when they reached a point when they could no longer live as long as they could survive. Regardless of what he had done in the past, his ending was devastating, and most fans think that he deserved better.

John murphy

Murphy began as a vengeful and vicious individual. Except for wreaking mayhem, he didn’t have much of a role in the first season. People started calling him a “cockroach” because of his capacity to survive, even at the expense of others. Throughout the episode, he shifted to comedic relief and began to put his friends’ lives ahead of his own. Murphy wasn’t as well-known as some of the other characters in the series, but he became a favorite among fans.


Murphy abides struck by how much Emori resembled him. Emori, who had been cast out and was anxious to survive, was only concerned with herself and didn’t want to help others. The emori began to care about Murphy after teaming up with him, and the two became entwined as the apocalypse approached. Emori befriended Raven in space and learned about technology and engineering from her. Emori informs Raven in the series finale that if she has to choose between saving herself and saving the human race, she should choose the latter. This is in stark contrast to Emori’s initial impressions.

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Octavia blake


In The 100, Octavia is one of the best cast. Despite her often gruesome deeds and her transformation into a villain during her time as Blodreina, she eventually returns to her natural nature. Octavia was ruthless, but also calculated, during her reign. He did everything he could to ensure his people’s survival. He forced them to commit cannibalism, no matter what it cost them their humanity. Octavia’s redemption is one of the few stories on the show that viewers enjoyed during its last seasons.


Kane evolved from one of the Ark’s most vexing difficulties to one of the show’s most beloved characters over the course of six seasons. For the sake of humanity, Kane had followed the letter of the law. While this did not endear him to the Ark’s inhabitants, it was also a quality that caused problems after he came into contact with Earth. The Ark’s laws couldn’t be applied on the earth, and Kane had to adapt as well.


Lincoln is a figure who never wavered in his convictions. Even if his beliefs differed from those of those around him, he always spoke up for what was right. After being tortured for information, Lincoln abides the sole Grounder who felt that the People of Heaven were not the enemy and remained on their side. Peace between the Arkansans and the Grounders would not have been conceivable if Lincoln had not advocated for both sides. His death was one of the most painful moments of the show because of his pure personality.

Monty green

There are relatively few people that can still be good on a survival program. One of those people is Monty. He was concerned about doing the right thing, regardless of the cost. Monty served as a moral compass for the show’s other characters. She pointed them in the proper direction and didn’t mind yelling at them if they got too far away from her. Monty’s final words to Bellamy and Clarke were to do better in whichever world they found themselves in. This was something that they remembered for the rest of the series and used to influence their decisions.



When it comes to how her friends see her, Clarke isn’t the nicest person in the world, but she’s also the most complex character in the series but one of the best cast in The 100. When it comes to her decisions, she never considers herself, and all she does is for the sake of others’ enjoyment. Clarke took on the role of leader at the age of 17 and now has the responsibility of ensuring her people’s survival. He makes decisions that aren’t always popular with the characters, but he’s the one who keeps them all alive.

Bellamy Blake

Despite being one of the “good guys,” and one of the best cast in The 100. Bellamy has engaged in some shady behavior on the show. Even in his final storyline, Bellamy goes through one of the most significant characters changes. Bellamy had to go through a lot in order to be the best leader he could be. Bellamy wasn’t always the most pleasant person, but towards the end of the first season, the real Bellamy had emerged. Bellamy’s main objective in season five and beyond was to live in peace, which was a significant change from his eagerness to fight in previous seasons.

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