Family Man, an Amazon Prime action drama series starring Manoj Bajpayee and Priyamani is one of the most-watched and popular television shows of 2019. The story of a middle-class man who works for the national investigation agency wins people’s hearts around the world.

There are so many downright excellent shows on Amazon Prime like Family Man that could be streamed all day long. So, if you completed watching the top-rated series “family man” then check out some more binge-watch action drama on Amazon Prime that makes your whole day productive and entertaining.

The Boys (2019- Present)

There are various superhero movies and television shows available on streaming channels, but “The Boys” is unique among them. Supernatural creator Eric Kripke’s created an imaginary world in which superheroes are using their powers in a wrong manner and a group of seven (The Boys) tries their best to reveal their secret in front of people.

Fleabag (2016-2019)

Fleabag is an interesting drama about loneliness, sex, grief, and financial issues. It stars Waller-Bridge as the title character and focuses on a single woman living in London. The story shows the struggle of a woman in managing her life against the dark real-life flood.

Hannibal (2013-2015)

Hannibal, an amazing web series of Amazon Prime based on Thomas Harris novels Red Dragon. The series focuses on Hugh Dancy (Will Graham) as an FBI special investigator and Mads Mikkelsen (Dr. Hannibal Lecter) as a forensic psychiatrist. It shows the understandable and enemy relationship between two of them.

The Night Manager (2016- Present)

Based on John le Carre’s novel of the same name, The Night Manager television series is directed by Susanne Bier. This six-episode series shows the story of a most dangerous arms dealer (Richard Ropert) in the world and a spy (Jonathan Pine). The manager of the Cairo hotel is hired to find out information about an arms dealer’s inner circle.

Six Feet Under (2001-2005)

Six feet under is a black comedy series of Amazon Prime, produced by Alan Ball, starring Peter Krause, Lauren Ambrose, Rachel Griffiths, and others. This five-season series shows the lives of the Fisher family who run a funeral house in Los Angeles and struggle to carry on following the abrupt death of their patriarch.

Frasier (1993-2004)

90s golden television series “Frasier” shows the story of a successful Boston Therapist “Dr. Frasier Crane”. It shows the struggles and problems faced by the doctor in starting a new life in Seattle, Washington with his brother and father.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018- Present)

Like Breaking Bad or Mad Men, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan is an action-thriller series of 2018. It shows a CIA agent (Jack Ryan) who sent on a life-threatening project to find out the pattern in terrorist communication but he gets trapped into a dangerous gambit.

Curb your enthusiasm (2000- Present)

Larry David created the best series of 2000, Curb your enthusiasm had premiered its ninth season on October 2017. With all good things: a successful career, a happy family, good friends, Curb your enthusiasm shows the difficult and embarrassing time faced by Larry David.

Forever (2018- Present)

Another best Amazon Prime series “Forever” is a story of a couple of Fred Armisen (Oscar) and Maya Rudolph (June) who suddenly stuck themselves in a completely otherworldly situation, putting questions about marriage and love in the afterlife.

Goliath (2016- Present)

David E. Kelly and Jonathan Shapiro created series “Goliath” is a story of a downtrodden lawyer who runs a law firm and tackle cases. But his life gets twisted when he handles an accidental death case that turns into a sprawling conspiracy.