Nowadays as we have noticed that the youth or we can say people do not rely on television to watch their favorite movies and TV shows episodes. Everyone on their handle-held mobiles and laptops streams their favorite television show, movie, news, and sports with the help of live streaming channels available in the market.

As we all notice, various websites provide live streaming features but some of them are paid. So, to help you stream the best titles on your devices, free of cost, here we mention 10 free live TV streaming websites.


Free online tv streaming websites

One of the best and famous TV streaming services that offer free streaming of American and English channels is USTV Now. The website free option will allow you to live to stream a total of 6 channels. After that, if you find streaming well on this website then you can upgrade the option or plan. The best part of this website is it allows users to record the program to watch later.

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Wizler TV

Wizler TV Free online tv streaming

Wizler TV is the best option for online live TV lovers. It contains US and UK channels; you get news, sports, movies, and informative channel free. The best and important part of this amazing website is it does not require any kind of registration and does not offer any advertisements and pop-ups. It also allows scheduling the running and upcoming shows.

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Yupp TV

Free live tv streaming services and website

Yupp TV is the best live TV streaming website that provides Indian content such as movies, series, and live TV. The website hosts several live TV channels which include national and regional channels. It is available in various countries such as Malaysia, the USA, UK, Australia, Middle East, Singapore, Canada, India, etc.

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Free Tv streaming websites

Crackle is the top-rated and most popular free live streaming website. It offers a good collection of free movies, television shows, documentaries, sports, news, etc. Apart from this lots of video player options and excellent mobile-app make it popular among thousands of people. The only downfall with Crackle is, it is available in the USA, South America, Canada, and Australia only.

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Free tv websites online

Out of various live streaming website, one that is used by people belonging to different regions is TVPlayer. The website offers more than 100 channels to stream favorite TV shows.  Moreover, a person can buy its subscription to become its permanent active member. It is the best live website that has been downloaded 2.5 million times since inception and increases over one million active users.

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Freetv streaming website as its name shows is a free website to live streaming popular television shows. The website offers more than 1000 channels coming from different-different parts of the world. Audiences from India, America, Europe, or Pakistan can easily watch entertainment, financial, kids, local, music, movies, news, religion, sports, shopping, and various other things on this website.

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Another big and popular live streaming channel that offers channels around the world is “Time4TV”. It is the best streaming platform where you find a large number of UK channels, US, sports channels, and news and Hindi channels, free of cost and without any issue. The best part of this website is, it does not have any country restriction and account.

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EPCTV streaming website

Epctv is a popular free live streaming website where you find channels from all over the world. The library or we can design the website is easy to use and attractive. You just visit the website and choose your favorite genres such as fun, kids, music, reality shows, sports, and others, and then select your country and TV type and start streaming.

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Now TV

If you are living in the UK, Ireland and Italy and finding a live TV streaming website then Now TV is right for you. It offers all the TV Channels, Live Sports, Programs and Movies owned by Sky Network. The best part of this online live TV is, it support 60+ platforms including consoles and SmartTV and also provide 14-days free-trial plan.

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Red Bull TV

Another big and unique name in the list of the live streaming website is Red Bull TV. The website offers wide range of content, including live video series and releases as little as three-four years old. The popular and important part of this best TV streaming service is, it is easy to navigate and good video streaming facilities.

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