Nowadays, everyone uses a mobile phone (apps) for their day to day activities. The importance and influence of mobile to meet our daily life hassle can be denied. We can’t survive without mobile because it can perform our multiple tasks. I can say that we live with technology. It will become our main digital interactive.

A few years ago, people needed a PC to check their mail or access the internet, but now, all such computing is done via mobile phones. We can’t take a step out of our house without our phone. We carry our mobile everywhere we go, so we also have important applications for our work, safety, fitness, learning, etc. So take out a look at 10 important apps you must have on your mobile.


Maintaining register for different notes is quite difficult; Evernote is a really helpful application for you. It is a great note-taking app. It organized your notes in a synchronized manner and provides offline access. Students can record lectures on voice notes if they are super lazy to take morning classes. It has a special feature like a drag-and-drop for the visual learner; it’s easy to drop-in diagrams, videos, photos, GIFs, etc.

It also gives facility for sharing notes to friends by using LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter and easily accessible on android, iOS, and Microsoft window devices.

It is also used by the author, designer, filmmaker or freelancer, etc.

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My Homework

Get worried about completing assignments on time? My Homework is a helpful application used to enter homework or assignment and keep track to meet deadlines on time.

It is accessible in IOS, Google Play, Mac, Windows, etc. Students also set reminders for upcoming homework. It is also helpful for teachers to keep records for syllabus, schedule, attachments, and announcement i.e. downloaded directly on their device.

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Buying books for our field is very expensive nowadays. Scribd is one of the world’s largest libraries; find millions of different document and books by students. If your eyes feel strain while reading on the screen, you can also listen through audiobooks. User can create their library and can share among friends. It is easily accessible by an android user and iOS user.

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Get professional, error-free articles, essays, and blogs by the access of Grammarly software. Not feeling confident before submitting content, download Grammarly app from your Google play store or apple store. Grammarly is one of the useful applications with more than 20 million users. It detects all types of mistakes, spelling, structure issues, and punctuation and makes your article error-free. It is useful for a blogger to create a quality content blog.

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Today safety is one of the major concerns of parents. Allowing children to go for school, tuition alone makes parents worried about their safety.

bsafe is one the best safety app in which users create a “social safety network” so that relatives, friends got notified in case of emergency or when the user feels unsafe. It sends location through GPS on their family and friends’ phones. This app automatically sends an alarm to users relative if they don’t come on their specific time. Then initiate a fake call in case of emergency.

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Oxford Dictionary

Eager to learn new words and trouble in finding the meaning, the oxford dictionary is one of the important apps every user should have. It has millions of words for user access.

Oxford Dictionary is one of the learning tools, where users can learn new words and expand their vocabulary. It improves your grammar and builds confidence to use the new word in a sentence. It is accessible by iOS, Android, and iPad users.

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Get track about your fitness, how much you walk, how much calories you burnt in a day.

MapMyFitness is one of the apps with built-in GPS technology to provide runners, cyclists, and walkers the ability to map, record, and track their workout. You will able to view your workout stats, how much calories you burn, and keep intact with your nutrition data within the same dashboard. You also access the view of local routes, online training tools, etc. It can track the progress of sets, reps, and weights. You can also share your routines with others and also discover others.

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Feel frustrated when solving math problems. Photomath is one the best app for math for solving from arithmetic to calculus problems. Photomath works on the principle scan, solve, and learn. User can scan their problem through camera get a solution.

Students get step by step explanation for their problems. Photomath shows your explanation just like a teacher explaining in blackboard. It also has special features like user use grasp to visualize math problems and also have a smart calculator. It will give a better learning experience and can accessible by I0S and android users.

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The cake is one of the best apps for students who want to speak English. English is one of the languages that will be spoken worldwide. Speaking in English builds your confidence level and enhances personality. It also helps in facing most of the interview. Undoubtedly, this app can effectively improve your learning, reading, and speaking. This app provides many audios and videos from professional speakers. It has animation effects so that students got engaged. It is easily accessible by Android and iOS users.

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Connect with your friend’s classmates and learners through GoConqr and access to quizzes, slides, and notes. It is the learning app, students should have. You can also use mind maps, flashcards, etc. It is easily accessible to Android/iOS/Website. It is widely used socially by the user to connect with their friends.

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Last Update: July 27, 2020