Numbers are a source of fun and enjoyment. Movies with numbers will always tell you something.

The movie Four Brothers is the story of brothers named Bobby, Jack, Angel, and Jeremiah who are on a mission to kill a person whom they thought was responsible for killing a woman who raised them.

Similarly, various movies and TV shows have numbers attached to them. To know about them, check the list mentioned below.

Apollo 13

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Based on America’s third moon landing mission, Apollo 13 is one of the most popular movies directed by Ron Howard.

Based on America’s third moon landing mission, Apollo 13 is one of the best and most amazing space movies of 1995.

It shows the iconic story of NASA’s race against time to bring the three astronauts Lovell, Jack Swigert, and Fred Haise of Apollo 13 back home from space.

Sixty Minutes

Where to watch: Netflix

Directed by Oliver Kienle, Sixty Minutes is a new addition to the action movie genre in 2024. It is a beautiful combination of father-daughter love and the importance of time.

The movie’s story focuses on Octavio, a mixed martial arts fighter and father of a beautiful daughter.

Octavio has only 60 minutes in his hands to reach his daughter’s birthday party otherwise he will be at risk of losing her custody forever.

As a father giving priority to his daughter, Octavio skips an important fight in between and runs to meet his daughter.

But things are not always work the same as we thought. Due to leaving the fight in between, a group of criminals set out to chase him down.

Suddenly his race against time- a chase through the city.

127 Hours

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Danny Boyle directed the survival biography movie 127 Hours, a struggling story of a canyoneer Aron Ralston.

The movie covers the incident that happened in April 2003. When Aron, a mountain climber, while doing a hiking adventure in Utah, gets trapped in the canyon.

He struggled for 127 hours to survive in the extreme conditions, until he was rescued.

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One Piece

Where to watch: Netflix

Another big addition to the list of movies and TV series with numbers is “One Piece”. It is an adaptation of a manga series of a similar name by Elichiro Oda.

The adventure fantasy series storyline focuses on Straw Hat Pirates who went on a journey to find “one piece” a fabled treasure.

They explore dangerous oceans and lands face various difficulties and fight with other crews to reach the thing that makes their captain, the king of pirates.

That 90s Show

Where to watch: Netflix

If you are looking to watch something different in numbers then check out one of the top trending TV shows “That 90s Show”. It has a different storyline and characters.

Based on the “That 70s Show” by Bonnie Turner, Terry Turner, and Mark Brazill, the new show is set in the summer of 1995.

The series story focuses on Leia Forman who visits her grandparent’s house in the summer.

Here she makes bonds with Point and places kids under the watchful eyes of her grandparents Red and Kitty.


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1670 as its name is a TV series that shows the time of 1670. This black comedy series takes you to the time just two years before the Polish-Ottoman War.

The historical TV Show with numbers is the story of a nobleman zany. Zany is the landowner of the Polish village named Adamczycha.

Zany always wants to make a place in the country and he is desperate for it. He tries every way to achieve his dreams.

But the biggest drawback of Zany is, he is unable to understand the struggle or we can say the problems of the villagers whom he lords over. He also faces prolonged and bitter quarrels with his family members.

Therefore, things do not go the way he thinks and he finds himself living in a country which was on the verge of decline.

Scam 2003

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The big name in the list of Movies & TV shows with numbers is Scam 2003. The TV series as its name shows is a story of a stamp paper scam that happened in 2003.

The series starts with a small-town man Telgi. Telgi is an educated man but does not find a good job in life.

He always dreamed of becoming big and for this, he tried all possible ways.

He along with other people started making fake stamp paper and became the king of the industry.

But as we know every wrong thing has an end. The same happens with Telgi. His life turns a 360-degree turn when the government starts investigating the fake stamp paper.

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Brooklyn Nine-nine

Where to watch: Netflix

The original police procedural comedy series “Brooklyn Nine-nine” follows seven detectives of the New York City Police Department in Brooklyn and their new commanding officer Captain Raymond Holt.

Captain Raymond Holt is a strict and serious person and his team members are different from him.

It includes Jake, a talented and immature detective, Amy, a nerdy and competitive detective, and Rosa, a tough and scary detective.

Charles, a strange and unusual food-obsessed detective, Gina, a cool and over-confident detective, Terry, a strong and overweight detective.

All of the detectives try to fit themselves under the new captain and solve various personal and real cases together.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a humorous, entertaining comedy series that dives into various serious topics at times.

Scream VI

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The sixth installment of the Scream film series, Scream VI wins people’s hearts with its clever storyline, relentless suspense, and impeccable executive.

The story of the movie focuses on four people Sam Carpenter, Mindy Meeks-Martin, Tara Carpenter, and Chad Meeks-Martin who are the survivors of the Ghostface murders.

They decide to leave Woodsboro and start a new life in New York City. But they are unaware of the new threat.

A new killer is in New York and killing people. The four of them soon find themselves fighting for their lives and protect themselves from the killer.

First Man

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Based on James R. Hansen’s book First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong is one of the movies and TV shows whose number depicts the first man who landed on the moon.

In the interesting story of the iconic movie Neil Armstrong, an American NASA test pilot and his other team members put themselves into an insulated suit and ready to go on a mission to land on the moon.

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