We all love to eat street foods like pizzas, burgers, rolls, etc. But we ever thing about its side-effects or extra fat it generates in our body. The answer is no, but its true street food will increase our belly fat at a faster speed and it starts creating various problems in our body.

Belly fat or abdominal fat is the biggest issue we all are facing nowadays, especially youngsters. As per the doctors, having extra fat in the abdominal area will create serious problems like type 2 diabetics and heart diseases. It also generates issues that last long affect our health.

On the other hand, belly fat also affects our social life as if you saw a beautiful dress in the market and want to wear it at a party? But due to belly fat, your dress looks comfortable or tight. Then you feel embarrassed and avoid attending parties.

But now no need to worry about your belly fat. Here we bring 10 proven techniques that remove your belly fat to zero.

#Consumption of the proper amount of protein is a long term process to reduce fat

Some of the recent studies say that protein has only 20-30% of calories. So we should add it to our diet or meal.

Doctors also recommend high protein food such as nuts, egg, fish, legumes and dairy products. As protein-rich food is inversely proportional to belly fat and it is a convenient way to boost the energy level in the body.

#Eat fiber-rich food

Adding fiber, especially viscous fiber to the meal will remove several health issues in our body along with belly fat.

As per the study, intake of all fiber is not good for health but eating 14 grams of viscous fiber in one day were decrease 10% calorie intake and weight loss of approximately 2kg in 4 months.

Recommended sources of fibers available in the market are fruits, vegetable, Legumes and some cereals like oats.

#Avoid intake of sugar-sweetened things

Scientifically, Sugar contains half glucose and half amount of fructose and fructose is metabolized by the liver in some amount. If we intake excess amount of sugar then fructose level is increased in our liver and it ultimately increases fat.

It is also studied that intake of liquid sugar like cold drinks, juices, sugary sodas will more be dangerous than normal sugar, as increase the risk of obesity.

Therefore, we all should avoid excess intake of sugar-related things especially liquid sugar like beverages or cold drinks.

#Regular exercise effectively control your belly

Exercise is the best medicine to live healthy, long and disease-free life and to reduce belly fat; abdominal exercise is one of the effective and proven techniques.

In a study, it is found that regular exercise will reduce weight and also prevent re-gaining belly fat after weight loss. It also reduced the sugar level to an appropriate level.

Walking, running, swimming and other aerobic exercises are the proven techniques to reduce abdominal fat.

#Avoid excess amount of alcohol intake

Alcohol consumption seriously degrades our health. It not only increases fat in the abdominal area but it is also creating several other health issues such as cancer, heart problem, obesity, and others.

There are thousands of people who drink alcohol in everyday life. In a study, it is found that people who consumed less amount of alcohol will have more chances of reduced belly fats than high-level drinkers.

#Add coconut oil in your diet in place of cooking oil

Coconut oil is the healthiest way to reduce belly. It contains a medium amount of fat that increases metabolism and reduce the amount of fat.

As per the study, a heavyweight person if start intake coconut oil daily for 12 days, then he/she lost an average of 1.1 inches from their waist. So, it is recommended to take 2 tablespoons of oil per day.

#Get enough sleep

In a study, it is found that most of the men and women do not take proper sleep of 6 hours daily which tends to gain weight.

As per the doctors, a condition is known as sleep apnea, in which breathing stops intermittently during the night has also caused due to increase fat.

Therefore, it is recommended that a person should take a significant amount of sleep to reduce the fat level in the body.

#Intermittent Fasting

One of the easy and popular ways to reduce belly fat is 24-hour fasting once or twice a week. It will decrease 4-7% of belly fat within 6-24 weeks.

#Add Green tea in your avoid

Replace regular sugary tea with healthy green tea in your diet. It contains antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate and caffeine that increase metabolism.

It is an exceptionally healthy beverage that strengthens our body and also reduces a large amount of fat from the body.

#Avoid taking stress

Stress is also the biggest reason for gaining fat. When we are stressed then our adrenal glands release cortisol, known as the stress hormone. That increases our appetite and develops fat level in our body.

Therefore, practicing yoga and meditation are effective ways that will relieve you from any of the stress and health problems.

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