Every year streaming channel Amazon Prime Video brings good movies for its subscribers. But from the list of movies, out a few movies win people’s hearts and get a good rating.

From the bunch of awesome titles, here we highlight 10 top-rated Original Amazon Prime movies that contain lots of drama and excitement and also help to spend a good time in the lockdown with your friends and family.

Invisible Life

Set in 1950s Rio de Janerio, Invisible life is the top-rated Amazon Prime Movie Starring Julia Stockler, Carol Duarte, Flavia Gusmao, and others. The story of the movie revolves around two sisters who live restricted lives with their parents. Both have some dreams in their life-one wants to become a famous pianist and other finding love. The movie takes twists when both are separated and forced to live apart.

One Child Nation

Amazon Prime documentary movie “One child nation” is related to China’s one-child policy fallout lasted from 1979 to 2015. Director Nanfu Wang after getting pregnant with her first child moved back to China from the United States to understand the effects of the population war’ on her family acquaintances from her rural village, midwives, family planning officials, journalists, and artists.

Honey Boy

Based on LaBeouf’s own life, Honey Boy is the best original movie of Amazon Prime Video, directed by Alma Har’el. The story shows Shia LaBeouf’s childhood and his relationship with his father. It focuses on a child actor Otis Lort who achieves success in the early stage of life but as the graph rises he becomes a self-destruction Hollywood star.

Chasing Happiness

Out of so many good Amazon Prime original movies, chasing happiness is the best. It is the story of brotherhood. The documentary show pastor’s sons in New Jersey, through their meteoric rise to fame, the bond they share is unbreakable. But something happened that changed their lives fully and forced down to very different paths.

The Report

Amazon Prime’s new original movie “The Report” covers the investigation related to the September 11 attacks. This real-life movie shows an investigation of the CIA’s Detention and Interrogation Program created in the aftermath of 9/11. Uncovers various evidence destroy by a top intelligence agency and also show some unknown secrets that are hidden by the audience.

The Big Sick

Written by Emily V. Gordon, “The Big Sick” is based on the real-life romance between Nanjiani and Gordon. The story of the interesting romantic comedy movie of Amazon Prime Video revolves around interethnic couple Kumail and Emily, who faced various cultural differences when Emily is diagnosed by a serious lung infection.

Gimme Danger

Amazon Prime Video original documentary movie “Gimme Danger” is about the band “the Stooges”. The movie follows the fall and reunion of the Stooges. Initially, the band released three albums but does not gain huge success and they separated. But in 2003 they reformed and gain huge love and appreciation.

Sharkwater Extinction

Rob Stewart directed the Candian documentary movie “Sharkwater Extinction” is the sequel of the 2006 movie Sharkwater. The documentary shows the adventure-filled journey of filmmaker Rob Stewart, who uncovers the billion-dollar illegal shark fin industry and the political corruption behind it. The movie stars Rob Stewart in the lead role.

Human Flow

Human Flow is a German documentary related to the current global refugee crisis. The movie covers twenty countries to give a wider view of the audience to understand both the scale and the personal impact of this massive human migration.

Directed by Ai Weiwei, the movie covers all important points and available on Amazon Prime Video to watch and download.

Cold War

Set in the late 1940s until the 1960s, “Cold War” is the best Amazon prime original historical drama, directed by Pawel Pawlikowski.

The movie follows the passionate love story of a musical director and young singer who are fatefully mismatched and yet condemned to each other. Showing the background of the cold war, the movie shows the impossible love story in impossible times.

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