Today as we see stress captures us from all around. It has an adverse effect on our life. A stressful job, a hectic schedule, an ample number of responsibilities and bad habits such as smoking, drinking, and unhealthy eating can lead to a heap of stress in our mind.

Being stressed can greatly affect our health, as people fall sick more often, feel grumpy and even irritated too. Each one of us has different reactions to stress as some of us get angry, others get anxious and many shut down.

So, to simplify your life and make it stress-free we bring certain tips for you. These definitely help you to lead a stressful life.

A Big Smile

Smile is one of the biggest tools and an important non-verbal indicator of happiness. It simply reduces stress to a greater extent as well as promote panacea for life’s stressful events.

If you are stuck in traffic jam or having an argument with your boss in that situation tries to hold a smile on your face for a moment. It not only overcomes yours but also others stress as well as calm down the situation easily.

Mediate and Stretch

Medication and stretching both are incredible tactics of cleansing your mind from all stressing and negative thoughts.  Whenever you feel irritated, burdened, tired just close your eyes focus on your breathing and concentrate on your current state. Or, simply stretch your limbs. These suggestions will make you relaxed and refreshed and reduce tension, anxiety, and stress.

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Chew gum

According to research, it was found that chewing gum reduces 16 percent of mild stress and 12 percent of moderate stress. It also helps to reduce anxiety and increase mental alertness.

Wake up early

Waking up early not only keep your body healthy but also beneficial for mental health. As we all know a famous saying “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise. So, following a proper routine will automatically keep us stress-free.

Talk to your friend or mom

The best way to get relieved from instant stress is to talk to your friend or mom. As it was found that we talk to our closed ones or friends, the stress hormone is reduced heavily and we feel relax and happy.

Number Counting

This is one of the best techniques that you do anywhere whenever you are freaking out. Counting numbers give your mind a neutral stage to thing. Although, some people found that backward counting helps the best.

Give someone a tight hug

When you are stressed or feel irritated, give someone a tight hug as it increases the level of oxytocin hormone in your body that can lead to trust, relaxation, and compassion.

Listening to Music

Music is one of the biggest medicines to reduce any kind of stress. It takes our body and mind in a state where we feel relaxed and happy. It has been found that classical music can reduce blood pressure, slow down pulse and reduce the effect of stress hormone.

Accept and face challenges

Sometimes we find ourselves in a situation where we are unable to take the decision. So, instead of cribbing we should accept the situation and find a solution for that. It has a positive impact on your mind and also provides strength to face such problems in the future.

Be Creative

Doing creative activities such as writing, painting, sketching, pottery and many other things is a great way that prevents you from stress.

Last but not least, positive thinking and positive mood increase your ability to manage stress in a healthy way.

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Last Update: June 1, 2019