The Indian streaming channel “Voot Select” is one of the best sources of entertainment during the lockdown period. Available in various Indian languages such as Marathi, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, the video-on-demand offer various channels shows such as MTV, Colors, Nickelodeon and others to watch and download.

Apart from this, it also produces various original series based on different-different genres. But this service is available for only paid members. So, you are an Indian series fan and want to watch some interesting and good series, then check out the list mention below. Here we mention all the best Voot Select original series.

Asur (2020- Present)

Voot Select original series “Asur” touches various themes deeply rooted within the Indian mythologies and presents a common perception of asuras, devas, the social structure and conflict between them, vices and virtues, justice and injustice, moral flexibilities, karma, etc.

The unique crime-thriller web series show two opposing worlds against each other. It’s center on two forensic experts who trap in a cat and mouse game with a serial killer, who kills for his belief. It contains a precise and edgy storyline that you may not foresee.

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Marzi (2020- Present)

Marzi: A Game of Lies is an interesting thriller web series of 2020 available on web portal Voot Select to watch and download.

Set in Shimla, the series shows Anurag and Sameera, who go on a date but a night, change everything in their life. The lies are revealed and the truth is tested when both of them have a different version of the night.

It’s not that Simple (2016- Present)

Voot Select drama “It’s not that simple” is the story of a Swara Bhaskar, who is a housewife and lives in an urban city. She is unhappy with her married life, but a school reunion changes everything. Here she meets two of her ex-almost boyfriends.

It has completed a journey of two seasons and expected to come soon with more interesting seasons and episodes.

Shortcuts (2019- Present)

Out of so many original Voot Select series “Shortcuts” is the one that hooked you throughout the series with loaded twists and turns.

Collection of twelve hand-picked thriller short movies, the series takes you to the best cinematic roller-coaster ride that shows the combination of grey characters, edge situations, and more and more emotional atyaachaar.

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Fuh Se Fantasy (2019- Present)

Series starring Bidita Bag, Priya Banerjee, Plabita Borthakur, is an original Voot Select romantic drama of 2019.

Fuh Se Fantasy is an interesting television series based on unsaid desires. The story shows the charm and happiness in a modern-day relationship that dares to explore their deepest and unexpected traits or desires.

Feet Up with the Stars (2018- Present)  

Feet Up with the Stars” is the original show of voot select in which host interact with the celebrities about their personal and professional life.  During the conversation, guests also reveal some secrets about themselves.

It is a new type of Hindi-language television show that indulges you in interesting gossip and excellent comedy.

Stupid Man Smart Phone (2017- Present)

Voot Select ultimate survival series “Stupid Man Smart Phone” is an iconic mission in the most different terrains in Indian such as Mighty Mountains, scorching deserts and dense forest, using a smartphone and the power of social media.

Join the unplanned and dangerous journey of amazing places with Sumeet Vyas on the best streaming channel Voot Select.

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Time Out (2017- Present)

Time Out is a top-rated comedy web series of Voot Select that stars Tahir Raj Bhasin and Sarah Jane Dias.

The series focuses on a Rahul and Radha, who has everything in their life- a happy marriage, a good job, and a beautiful house. But after the announcement of Radha’s pregnancy, the story takes twisted turns. Rahul starts feeling that he is living a life that he supposed but not that he wants.

Shaadi Boys (2016- Present)

Akash Ahuja, Rishab Chadha, Parul Joshi and Abhinav Verma starring Voot Select original series “Shaadi Boys” is a must-watch drama.

The story of the comedy series focus on three boys Neil, Nitin and Mukesh who are struggling actors, finds a perfect place to present their talent at Riah ki Barjatya Shaadi. The interesting part of the series is the brides are also limitless.

Soadies (2016- Present)

Watch and download the voot select original series “Soadies” that focus on the mad world of the Soadies.

The story of the television series of 2016 shows the magnificent fans of Roadies, Banto Sodhi. Thirteen years ago, he passed away by giving a task of finding a Roadie in the family, to his beautiful wife Santo Sodhi.

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Badman (2016- Present)

Voot select original mockumentary “Badman” is directed by Soumik Sen consist of a total of four amazing episodes.

The story of the mockumentary focuses on Gulshan Gover, who at the age of 60 decides to play the role of hero in the movie, to make himself relevant again and to take revenge for all the beatings he took in his iniquitous heyday.

Ye Kya Hua Bro (2017)

With all the desi twists and romance, “Ye Kya Hua Bro” is the epic voot select series that never watch on the web before.

The series focuses on two youngsters Mahendra Gahlawat and Piyush Sharma, who always tried to have their dream girls. But when the two beautiful girls enter their lives, everything gets twisted, which can watch in the series.

Untag (2017)

Meet Meiyang Chang, VJ Andy, Dipannita Sharma, and Shiv Pandit in the seven-episode comedy series of Voot Select.

The story of the series focuses on Nishchay (#gay) and Shikha (#fat) who want to untag themselves from the tag of gay and fat by facing the world with their head high. They are also finding unconditional love in their life.

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Sinskaari (2016- Present)

The mini-television series “Sinskaari” is an interesting and must-watch web chat show hosted or run by Alok Nath.  In this reality show, the main topic of chatting or we can discuss is sex and its related things.

Chinese Bhasad (2016- Present)

The eight-episode original series “Chinese Bhasad” is available on streaming channel Voot Select to watch and download.

In this series, an Indian boy wants to marry a Chinese girl but the grandfather of the boy hates everything related to China. Even 56 years later, he still remembers how his 2-minute visit to the loo, cost him his entire squadron during the Indo-China war.

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