In 2023, we watched various historical and Polish series. But 1670 is different from them.

It is a black comedy series that shows the time of 1670 as its name suggests. It is the time, just two years before the Polish-Ottoman War.

As we read in history, it is the period when the Ottoman Empire won control over the parts of the territory that were under the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

The series shows the important part of Polish history clearly and accurately. They try to cover each detail of that time precisely whether it is related to clothes, way of talking, etc.

The show’s storyline and other details interestingly grab the audience’s attention. To know more about this Polish series, check the details below.

1670: Plot

1670, an eye-catching drama is the story of a nobleman zany. Zany is the landowner of the Polish village named Adamczycha.

Zany always wants to make a place in the country and he is desperate for it. He tries every way to achieve his dreams.

But the biggest drawback of Zany is, he is unable to understand the struggle or we can say the problems of the villagers whom he lords over. He also faces prolonged and bitter quarrels with his family members.

Therefore, things do not go the way he thinks and he finds himself living in a country which was on the verge of decline.

The story of the series has various hidden points and characters which you know when you watch this different and unique Polish series 2023.

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How many episodes does the new series contain?

The Polish drama contains a total of 8 black comedy-filled must-watch episodes. These are mentioned below.

E1. The Assembly

E2. The Estate

E3. Spring

E4. Equality March

E5. The Plague

E6. The Duel

E7. The Hunt

E8. The Wedding

Although 1670 is a Polish drama it is also available with English Subtitles to watch.

Where to watch the December 2023 series?

1670 is available on your favorite streaming channel Netflix from December 13, 2023, to watch and download.

If you have its subscription then start streaming the movie now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and without ads costs $15.49 per month. The premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

The other Polish series available on Netflix for streaming are Queen, 1983, High Water, feedback, Dead End, A Girl and an Astronaut, and others.

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1670: Cast

The satirical comedy series is directed by Maciej Buchwald and Kordian Kadziela. Both of them are known for their various works such as Hangover, A Worried Man, dregs, Killing Aunty, Its Really Awesome, and others.

The star cast of the series includes various top-performance Polish actors and actresses.

Bartlomiej Topa as Zany Adamczewski, the nobleman and owner of the village name Adamczycha.

Katarzyna Herman as Zofia, is playing the role of Zany’s wife.

Michal Balicki as Stanislaw, is the son of Zany and Zofia in the series.

Michal Sikorski as Jakub, is another son of Zany and Zofia.

Kiryal Pietruczuk as Maciej, Dobromir Dymecki as Bogdan and Andrzej Klak as Andrzej.

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