Are you in a mood for watching a horror series? 1899 is the trending Netflix series that you ought to watch if you love horror shows!

With Christmas just around the corner, we have got lot of time to spare. Having said that, what could be a better way to spend your holidays then staying home and binge watching the latest Netflix series?

1899- A horror Netflix series

If you are one of those people who loves binge watching movies and shows instead of going out during the holidays then we have a recommendation for you. 1899 is that Netflix series you would not regret watching. If you have had enough of the Christmas romantic holiday movies releasing here and there and are looking for a change then 1899 is something that you must watch!

1899 is a Netflix series that has been trending for a while since its release on Netflix. The Netflix series focuses on the search for missing kids in a small town with a dark history. The creators of this Netflix drama- Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar  are known for creating unique shows for their viewers. And this time around too, they are not letting us down in any way.

One of the main charms of 1899 is that it is a multilingual series. It stands apart from all the other shows because it features characters who will talk in their native tongues.

The eight episode Netflix drama takes place in 1899, the same year as Dark. However, its story takes place on a migrant steamer sailing from London to New York. The steamer ship carries a diverse group of European passengers who all speak in their own languages.

Are you intrigued by the Netflix series too? If yes, we have more information about the Netflix horror drama for you.

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What is the plot of 1899?

The Netflix drama 1899 follows the story of a multicultural or multilingual migrant group as they depart London in search of a fresh start in New York. These group of migrants are the people who speak different languages and barely understand each other. One common thing about them all is their hope for a better life in a new place overseas.

Everyone aboard the ship is travelling with a secret they desperately want to keep hidden. However, as soon as they leave port, they come across another migrant steamer ship. The ship has been lost for weeks and is floating in the ocean. What they discover on board alters their life completely and causes a number of secrets to begin to come to light.

Ultimately although they do not understand each another’s language, one thing they clearly know about each other is their want to survive the horror and reach America. Watch the unique horror show on Netflix now to see how the fate turns out for everyone aboard on the ship to New York.

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When is the release date of 1899?

1899 released on November 12, 2022. There are 8 episodes in the Netflix series of 50 minutes each.

All the episodes of the horror series is already out. So if you have not yet watched the international horror series yet, this is your sign to start binge watching the Netflix series!

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Is there a trailer for 1899?

Yes there is a trailer for the popular Netflix horror series 1899 and it is enough to make you want to watch the show.

You can get a glance into the unique drama by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar by looking at the trailers given here.

Teaser trailer

Official trailer

Who is in the Cast of the trending Netflix series?

Emily Beecham is playing the role Maura Henriette Franklin/Singleton in 1899. Maura is a neurologist and one of the first female doctors visiting America alone from UK.

Aneurin Barnard is playing the role of Daniel Solace. Daniel is a enigamatic man aboard on the Kerberos.

Andreas Pietschmann is portraying the role of Eyk Larsen. He is the ship’s captain.

Miguel Bernardeau is playing the role of Angel in the Netflix series. Angel is a rich Spaniard. She is traveling to New York with Ramiro.

Jose Pimentao is portraying the role of Ramiro. He is a fake priest from Portuguese who is traveling along with Angel.

Isabella Wei is playing the role of Ling Yi in the unique Netflix horror series. Ling Yi is a mysterious young woman who is traveling to New York with Yuk Je. She is from Hong Kong.

Gabby Wong is playing the role Yuk Je in 1899. Yuk Je is from Hong Kong as well. She is a a middle-aged woman.

Other cast members of 1899 includes Rosalie Craig, Yann Gael, Mathilde Ollivier, Jonas Bloquet among many others.

As you can see the cast members of the multilingual Netflix series created by Jantje Friese and Baran bo Odar is quite diverse. We can not even imagine how these people onboard on the ship to New York who do not understand each other’s language would react to each other in times of horrifying incidents. So, leave the imagination part and watch 1899 to see whether people with diverse backgrounds end up unified in times of need. Or if they end up going against each other to save themselves from the horror.

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