In 2019 various movie releases in both Hollywood and Bollywood industry. But we see and know only those movies which get popularity and which have famous stars. While on the other hand there are various other movies that have an impeccable storyline and cast, but do not see by many people.

These best movies are also an important part of 2019 and we believe that you should watch them or at least know about them. That’s why we created a list of the best 2019 movies that you probably not watched but surely seen them.


The most unique and finest director of emerging American film in the past few years, Ari Aster has created this movie. He created the best movie of 2019 that talks about grief and loneliness, the disintegration of a relationship and many other things that you never watched before.


The movie starring one of the finest actors of the Bollywood industry “Nawazuddin Siddiqui” is also added in the best collection of 2019. Its focus on the struggling photographer who in the pressure of Grandmother to get married, convinces a strange girl to pose as his fiancée, but the story takes a different twist and they both trapped into a difficult situation that they never imagine.

I Lost My Body

The Nespresso Grand Prize winner “I Lost My Body” is one of the best and finest movies of 2019 available to watch on Netflix. This French drama starring Naoufel as a young pianist and astronaut are directed by Jeremy Clapin.

Blinded by the light

Gurinder Chadha directed comedy-drama “Blinded by the Light” is inspired by the life of journalist Sarfraz Manzoor and his love of the works of Bruce Springsteen. The movie set in a town of Luton shows the story of a young Muslim boy whose life gets changed after he discovers the music of Springsteen.


Netflix’s original movie of 2019, Paddleton is an interesting comedy-drama directed by Alex Lehmann. The movie is an emotional journey of the two misfit neighbors who become a friend when the younger man is diagnosed with terminal cancer.


The survival drama of 2019 starring Mads Mikkelsen in the role of Overgard is directed by Penna and Ryan Morrison. The story shows Overgard, lost, alone and running out of resources in the Arctic Circle. He missed out on the chance of survival when the helicopter comes to save the crashed person. He with a young woman attempts his best for survival.

Cold Pursuit

Hans Petter Moland directed the best action-thriller drama that you missed in 2019 is Cold Pursuit. This box office hit movie focus on a vengeful snowplow driver who in the revenge of son’s murder starts murdering the members of a drug cartel.

High Flying Bird

Apart from general genres (action, adventure) movies, various sports movies also release in 2019. Out of them, one which is best but not watched by many people is “High Flying Bird”. The movie focuses on a sports agent who trapped in a loophole during a professional basketball league lockdown.

Ready or not

A surprising horror drama different from the regular stuff is directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. The movie shows a newlywed Samara Weaving who is torched or hunted by her spouse’s family as part of their wedding night rituals.

The Mustang

This 2019 best movie is the story of Roman Coleman, a violent convict, who given a chance to be a part of a rehabilitation therapy program in which he has to train the wild mustangs. It is an interesting drama produced by Alain Goldman.


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