Netflix has released various good movies and shows every year or we can say every month. In 2019, it amazes its fans with several interesting movies and in 2020 also it comes up with original content that never on streaming giants before.

So, if you are a fan of Netflix and want to know what good and original movies release on Netflix in 2020, then check out the list mentioned below. It contains the names of 17 original movies of Netflix released in 2020.

Coffee & Kareem

Netflix comedy movie of 2020 “Coffee & Kareem” is the story focus on 12-year old boy Kareem who tries to break the new relationship of his mother and for this, he hires criminal fugitives. But things went wrong and accidentally he uncovers a secret network of criminals whose new target is his family. Unfortunately, he forms a team with his mother’s boyfriend James Coffee (an officer), to protect his mother (Vanessa Manning) from danger.


Ruchi Narain directed the new Hindi-language movie “Guilty” to show the story of a songwriter whose boyfriend is accused of rape by a less popular student. She tries all possible ways and navigates the story in various versions to find the truth behind.

Lost Girls

Lost Girls is a mysterious drama of 2020, directed by Liz Garbus. The story of the movie focuses on a mother who is finding her missing daughter. She started a personal investigation that leads police towards the unsolved cases related to murdered sex workers. The movie based on Robert Kolker’s book “Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery”.

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Spenser Confidential

Based on Ace Atkins’s novel Wonderland, new mystery thriller movie of 2020 “Spenser Confidential” show Mark Wahlberg, an ex-cop Spenser who moves with Hawk, an aspiring MMA fighter with his rap sheet. Between gym rounds, the duo’s taunts turn to trust and form a team to solve a double homicide.

37 Seconds

Directed and written by Hikari, 37 Seconds is a Japanese drama of 2020. The movie focuses on a young Japanese woman Yuma Takada, who is suffering from Cerebral palsy problems. Splits between her family duties and her dream to become a manga artist, the girl struggles to live a self-determined life.

Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City

The Spanish thriller movie “Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City” is an adaptation of the best-selling novel of the same name. The story of the Netflix original movie 2020 shows a detective inspector who returns from Vitoria-Gasteiz to find the ritualistic murderer or serial killer, who terrorized a city in Spain’s Basque Country for two decades and released from prison soon. 

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Released on March 27, 2020 “Uncorked” is the best Netflix drama movie directed by Prentice Penny. It is the story of a young man Elijah who is uninterested in his father’s wine business and wants to follow his dream and become a master sommelier. The movie shows various hurdles that come in his path while achieving his dreams.

I am Jonas

Netflix’s original movie “I am Jonas” is the new movie of 2020 that shows Jonas, who haunted by his turbulent past and recalls his teenage love affairs with the impulsive, twisted and yet irresistible Nathan. The movie stars various characters such as Felix Maritaud, Nicolas Bauwens, Tommy Lee Baik, Aure Atika, Marie Denarnaud and others.

To all the Boys I’ve loved before: P.S. I Still Love You

Based on Jenny Han’s third novel “Always and Forever, Lara Jean”, Netflix original movie of 2020 is directed by Michael Fimognari. Starts filming in March 2019 in Vancouver, British Columbia, the best romantic movie show the complications in the relationship of Lara Jean and Peter, because of the suspicious friendship of Peter with its ex-girlfriend, Genevieve. 

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Horse Girl

Horse Girl is an interesting drama movie that released on streaming giant Netflix on February 7, 2020. The movie focus on a socially awkward woman who is fond of horses, art, and craft and supernatural crime finds her increasingly lucid dreams trickling into her waking life.


Netflix Italian drama of 2020 “Ultras” is written and directed by Francesco Lettieri. The story of the movie shows an aging soccer extremist who faces the reality of his past when he is struggling to give himself and a young follower very different future. The movie released on Netflix on March 20, 2020.

A fall from Grace

Netflix’s original movie “A Fall from Grace” is an American thriller movie released in January 2020. Tyler Perry’s first Netflix movie follows a public defender Jasmine Bryant who constantly takes plea in a small-town Virginia. Begins with a typical love story, her life takes twisted turns when a dangerous new love enters her life.

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The Occupant

Spanish thriller movie of 2020 “The Occupant” is directed by Alex Pastor and David Pastor. The story of the movie focuses on a successful business executive Javier Munoz, who takes a critical decision of leaving his home, which he and his family is no more able to afford.

All the Bright Places

Netflix’s original romantic movie “All the Bright Places” is a teen drama that shows two youngsters with emotional and physical past scars that change each other lives. Both also understand that a small moment also has its importance. The movie is the adaptation of the Niven novel of the same name.

The Decline

The Decline is a Canadian thriller drama stars Guillaume Laurin as Antoine, a rural man who joins the survivalist training program running by Alain after becoming convinced that a natural disaster is imminent. The movie released on Netflix on February 28, 2020.

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Isi and Ossi

Premiered on February 14, 2020 “Isi and Ossi” is a romantic drama directed by Oliver Kienle. The movie shows the romantic relationship between a billionaire daughter (Isi) and a son (Ossi) of a struggling mom.

Ghost Stories

2020 Hindi-language Netflix anthology horror movie “Ghost Stories” is directed by Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerjee, Zoya Akhter, and Anurag Kashyap. The movie shows four different interesting horrors filled stories that take place in different-different places.

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