Netflix is a hub of movies and TV Shows. Its awesome collection of various genre shows impresses the people and its originals are different that never watched on the television screen and other streaming giants.

In our previous Netflix blogs, we mention various science-fictions, dramas shows available on Netflix to watch and download. And in this new blog of 2020, we mention a list of all thrilling shows available on Netflix to stream. So, if you are a brave-heart guy and love to watch thrilling television series then you must check this new and must-watch list.

1. Luna Nera

Premiere on January 31, 2020, Luna Nera is a new thriller web series created by Francesca Manieri, Laura Paolucci, Tiziana Triana. Set in 17th century Italy, the science-fiction fantasy series show a teenage midwife accused of witchcraft reach in a dilemma of selecting between fulfilling her powerful destiny and star-crossed love. The Italian-language series is available on Netflix to watch and download.

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2. Messiah

Messiah is full of mysteries and entertainment stuff that make your new year a memorable one. This new Netflix’s original series focuses on a man named Mehdi Dehbi, who claims that he is the Messiah and has the power of miracles. A CIA officer, along with Israeli intelligence officer and others try to uncover various mysterious about Messiah and miracles.

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