30 Coins season one impeccable storyline and dialog gained great appreciation from the audience in November 2020.

Father Vergara, an exorcist, and ex-convict who lives in the small village of Pedraza faces various paranormal activities along with Paco, the mayor, and Elena, the veterinarian, in the last season.

Vergara uncovers various horror mysteries and, in the end, sacrifices himself to prevent the leader from collecting the coins.

After three years, the popular series is back with a new season filled with more horror and mystery.

To know more about the 30 Coins Season 2, check the details below.

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30 Coins Season 2: Plot

The first season of the series touches on various things such as Church mysticism, the never-ending battle between good and evil, and others.

Now, the new season has some compelling points to binge-watch.

Once again, it focuses on the aging priest Vergara who works on the mission to save the people. This time he tries to stop a billionaire from collecting the coins and on the other hand, Paco’s wife Merche holds spiteful power.

The second season has served the horror differently as compared to other horror series of 2023.

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Where to watch and download the new season?

30 Coins Season 2 released on Monday, October 23, 2023, on your favorite streaming channel HBO Max to watch and download.

So, if you have an HBO Max subscription then start streaming the series now, and if not, then purchase it at easily affordable prices.

Its ultimate plan with ad-free 4K support costs $20 per month. Its ad-free HD streaming costs $16 per month and ad-supported HD streaming costs $10 per month.

30 Coins Season 2: Cast

The strong presence and chemistry of the characters in season one, are extremely awesome.

Due to this, various characters reprise their role in this new season, along with some new characters.

Eduard Fernandez as Padre Manuel Vergara, an aging priest who lives in a small town near Spain.

Megan Montaner as Elena, a town veterinarian who helped priest in their mission.

Miguel Angel Silvestre as Paco, the town mayor who helped Vergara to save the town from mysterious powers.

Paul Giamatti as Christian Barbow joining the 30 Coins cast in the new season.

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