Netflix is a content-rich streaming channel that contains a list of various good movies and television shows. Last year it releases various best movies and original shows that win people, heart. In 2020 also it started the year with a bang on hit fantasy series “Messiah”.

So, if you are in a mood to watch some entertaining stuff on Netflix and face problems in finding it. Then don’t worry, here we mention the list of best TV drama on Netflix to watch now.

34. Vikings

Michael Hirst created historical action-adventure series, Vikings is an inspiring saga of Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. Its episodes show the brutal and mysterious world of Ragnar Lothbrok, a Viking warrior and farmer who raise fame by the successful raid at the distant shores of the ocean and eventually become Scandinavian king with the help of his fellow warriors and family.

33. Sherlock

Directed by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, this crime series adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes detective stories get love and appreciation by the people. Benedict Cumberbatch is excellent as Sherlock Holmes, a consulting detective who solves various mysteries in modern-day London. The popular series depicts a variety of crimes and perpetrators.

32. Walking Dead

The ten seasons of AMC’s hit show have been a rollercoaster ride in terms of storyline and characters, but just strap in and enjoy the journey. The latest and old seasons of this popular show is available on Netflix. So, start your ride with Sheriff Deputy Rick Grimes who after wake up from the coma learns that the world is in ruins. He also led a group of survivors to stay alive.

31. The 100

Stream the CW best TV series, The 100 on Netflix that set 97 years after a devastating nuclear war wiped out almost all life on Earth. The only known survivors are the residents of twelve space stations in Earth’s orbit before the war. The space stations banded together to form a single massive station named “The Ark”, wenis galore about 2,400 people live. Resources are scarce and all crimes no matter their nature or severity are punishable by death (“floating”) unless the perpetrator is under 18 years of age.

30. Teen Wolf

The first Netflix show on this list of best TV Drama to watch on Netflix is “Teen Wolf”. An interesting supernatural teen drama is loosely based on the 1985 movie of the same name. The series star Tyler Posey’s life takes a drastically changes when he is bitten by a werewolf at the night before sophomore year. In the whole series, he tries to balance his problematic new identity with his day-to-day teenage life.

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