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38 Best Suspenseful TV Drama on Netflix 2020 (Hand-picked)

Suspenseful TV Drama on Netflix

Over the holidays don’t forget to watch the best suspenseful international dramas on your favourite streaming giants(Netflix). Here we listed a few of them if your favourite one is not the list, mention it in a comment, so, that we can add it in our list.

Best suspenseful international TV dramas

38. Preso No.1

Based on the executive producer’s original idea, Preso No.1 is a suspenseful political thriller television series starring Erik Hauser. It is the journey of a young 20-year-old boy Carmelo Alvarado, who came to work on the television screen but his life takes turns and he becomes the leader and later on the independent candidate of the presidency. 

37. Erased

Available to watch online and download on Netflix, Erased is a Japanese manga series, written by Kei Sanbe. The series follows Satoru, a young man who has special abilities “Revival” that sends him back in the moments before a life-threatening incident and the lives of Satoru’s friends.

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