Your body is a miraculous, weird, wonderland. Know more about your body with these interesting human body facts.

Have you ever wondered how many times a minute your eye blink, why babies have more bones than adults, or how long your intestines would be if you stretched them out? This article will provide an answer and clear your doubt.

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Facts About Human Body:

1.Do you know that cornflakes posses more genes than human?

2. When you walk around, you carry four pounds of bacteria in your body.

3. The most expensive liquid in the world is torn. As it is made up of 99% of feelings and 1% of water.

4.  The fingerprint is not as unique as tongue prints.

5.  Adults blink averagely 10 times in a minute while babies only blink once or twice a minute.

6.   When you have sex, you burn out 3.6 calories in a minute.

7.   The botanical name for stomach growls is borborygmus.

8.   You can’t swallow and breath at the same time.

9.   Your right kidney is lower than your left kidney.

10.  The human parts that never stop growing are ear and nose.

11.  Woman’s brains shrink during pregnancy  and that is called “Pregnancy brain”

12.  The acid in the stomach can burn the skin and can also dissolve metals.

13.  Human shed out up to 600,000 particles of skin every hour.

14.  Putting human eye in camera terms, it is about 576 megapixels.

15.  The average saliva normal being produces in his lifetime can fill two swimming pools.

16.  When you wake up, your brain produces enough electricity that can light a bulb.

17.  The highest fever ever recorded was 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

18.  Your hand derived 50% of strength from the pinky finger.

19. Despite the health fanatic claiming that wheatgrass aids digestion, a human can’t digest grass as it would require several stomachs to digest it as goats have.

20. The strongest in the human body is the jaw muscle.

21. If all wrinkles in the brain are smoothed out, it would lay flat the size of a pillowcase.

22. When you check your height in the morning and in the night, you will discover that you are taller in the morning than night.

23. If all the vain in the body are stretched it is long enough to round the earth twice.

24.The blood vessels in your body are more than 100,000.

25. You only need one organ to survive out of the organs that are two in the body.

26. The only part in the body with no blood supply is cornea as it derived its own oxygen directly from the air.

27. The human bones shrink from 300 bones to just 206 between birth and death.

28. Three months after conception, that’s when Embryos develop fingerprints.

29. The Astronauts can grow two inches taller in space.

30. Teratomas are the kind of tumors that can grow their own teeth and hair.

31. The brain consumes its self when you have been starved for so long.

32.  Your heartbeat always synchronizes with the rhythm of the song you listen to.

33.  Diving reflex in human helps shouts down bodily functions to prevent from drowning while sinking in water.

34. When you blush, your stomach does too.

35. The fat in the human body can make up to seven bars of soap.

36. The heart can still survive outside of the body.

37. The reason why men’s testicle is hanging below their bodies is that sperm dies at body temperature.

38. The brain is more active at night than during the day,

39. Men burn 50 calories faster in a day than women

40. Do you know that your tongue can also get fat?

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Last Update: May 13, 2019