404 or not found error arises when we are searching for a web page that does not exist. It is a type of status code that appears when the thing we are found is not available on the server.

Sometimes, this problem is shown when we type the wrong URL or done some mistake in URL typing, which we can solve by retyping the URL but sometimes, 404 errors arise from the website, so we can’t have the option to do anything.

There are various versions of code that are shown by different-different websites, which are mentioned below.

  • 404 Error
  • 404 Resource not found
  • Error 404
  • HTTP 404
  • 404 Not Found
  • Error 404 Not Found
  • 404 Page Not Found
  • 404 File or Directory Not Found
  • Solutions related to 404 error

Solution 1: Page Refresh

Sometimes web servers unable to show the web page that we are searching for, therefore, the first and easy thing we can do is refresh the page. It can be done by using the F5 key and by the refresh button available on the address bar.

Solution 2: Check the URL or address you enter

Many a time, when we type the URL then we commit some mistake, so we must double-check the spellings, symbols and other things in the URL.

Solution 3: Use keyword to search the website

Due to some reasons, websites change their URL, and when we search them, 404 or not found error is shown. Therefore, if you remember the keywords or words related to the website and article that you are searching then type that in search engine and find your page, article, or website.

Solution 4: Clear browser cache

Error page has been cached in your browser but the real link was changed on the website. So, to check this, clean the browser cache, it takes some seconds but it will remove the old URLs for your browser and when you type the URL, it may not show you not found an error.

Solution 5: Change DNS Server

If you getting 404 or nor found an error in more than one URL then it is possible that your ISP is blocked or their DNS server is not working properly, so change the DNS Server. But before that check website is working on your phone or your friend’s device, living in another city.

Solution 6: Website is down

The website you are searching for may be down due to some problem or issue. So, you can’t do anything in it. Just for confirmation, you can check the website by using tools available on Google.

Solution 7: Contact the site owner

The last and ultimate option to solve the 404 or not found error is “Contact the site owner or customer care representative”. You can do this by using the contact details available on-page or social media accounts. It is possible that the owner may contact you and clear you the reason for the shutting down of the website.

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