Every year we celebrate Halloween in a normal or traditional way like wearing scary costumes, attending parties or watching Halloween movies and TV shows, etc. But this year, do something different, instead of celebrating Halloween traditionally, play some scary version of your favorite and popular games such as angry birds, Hill climb racing, Plants vs. zombie, etc on your mobile phones, laptops, desktops, Playstation and Xbox.

These super-exciting and creepy strategy games featuring angry ghosts and haunted houses are specially made this year for Halloween or game lovers. So, check out the list of best Halloween games and don’t forget to play these amazing and interesting games mentioned below.

5. Plants vs. Zombies

Best Halloween games Plants vs. Zombies
Plants vs. Zombies

Produced by: Electronic Arts

Plants vs. Zombies are an interesting game in which a line of plants earns costumes for extra flair. This creative game offers new levels from time to time such as chilling Frostbite Caves to the psychedelic retro-themed Neon mixtape Tour to Modern Day.

This Halloween some special levels are added in this game in which some plants get ghostly costumes like witchy flowers and mummy tapes potatoes.


4. The Haunt 2

The Haunt 2
The Haunt 2

Produced by: Synthesis Design Solutions

Synthesis design solutions, the new game “Haunt 2” will take you to the ride of a haunted town name Crimson Hill. In this interesting game, a player unlocks various hints and puzzles to kill the demons or ghosts. They enter a battlefield that has lots of ghostly twists and turns. It is a challenging game with hundreds of hidden collectibles.

3. Shoot the ZomBirds

Shoot the ZomBirds
Shoot the ZomBirds

Produced by: Infinite Dreams

This stylish graphics and excellent sound effect game “Shoot the ZomBirds” is created by Infinite Dreams. In this game, various undead birds are hidden behind the Pumpkids and a player protects them by shooting arrows correctly.

A player also buys new arrows and power-ups through the grave store with the help of winning collected coins. This Halloween, this enjoyable game converts into a scary zone with lots of animals and obstacles.

2. Hill Climb Racing: Haunted Level

Hill Climb Racing: Haunted Level
Hill Climb Racing: Haunted Level

Produced by: Fingersoft

Hill Climbing is the best game in which people run bikes, trucks, cars on the road or desert or cold place, with facing lots of up and downs and obstacles in the way.

People’s favorite game “Hill Climb Racing” is coming up with a new haunted level this Halloween. This regularly updated game takes you the ghostly, black and white world of Ragnarok where you drive your vehicle through smash-able pumpkins, spooky trees, bone bridges, skeletons, gravestones and more. 

1. Angry Birds Seasons: Hammier Things

Angry Birds Seasons: Hammier Things
Angry Birds Seasons: Hammier Things

Produced by: Rovio Entertainment Limited

Angry bird is one of the popular games which people love to play on their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. Every year, Rovio Entertainment made new angry birds level or game on special days such as valentine, Christmas, Easter, Trick or Treat, Ham-O-Ween, etc.

This Halloween also comes up with new styles and amazing background effects. It features Halloween masks and jack-o-lanterns in the Hammier Things level of Angry Birds.