Horror, action, comedy, and mystery are the most common genres that we usually watch and enjoy.

But the sports genre is exceptional. Few producers are producing sports genre movies and therefore only a few sports movies are released every year.

Sports movies are not only entertain the audience but it also inspires us to do something good in life.

The best part of these movies is you can watch them with your children and family members.

So, if you are also a sports lover and love to watch various games then this blog is for you.

It contains all the best sports movies that you love to watch again and again.


Netflix’s November 2023 sports movies “Nyad” is directed by Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin.

Based on Nyad’s autobiography “Find a Way” the story of the drama focuses on Annette Bening playing the role of Diana Nyad, a swimmer.

Nyad wants to become the first swimmer to swim from Cuba to Florida. She tried many times, first in 1978 when she was 28, and second in 2011 when she was 62.

She finally achieved her dream in 2013 when she was 64 years old.

The movie shows her determination and hard work towards her dreams and her never-give-up attitude.

Where to watch: Netflix

The Blind Side

John Lee Hancock directed the sports genre movie “The Blind Side” which is based on the 2006 book “The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game” written by Michael Lewis.

The story of the movie focuses on a 17-year-old boy Michael who lives in foster care with other children.

Michael Oher is adopted by a Caucasian family and everything changed in his life.

They teach him football by the famous football coach and help him to overcome his learning difficulties.

Later, with his hard work and his coach’s help, he achieved his dream and became the best American Football player that is known around the world.

Where to watch: Netflix

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Coach Carter

Coach Carter is a different type of sports movies based on the real story of Ken Carter, a high school basketball coach who came into the limelight in 1999 when he suspended his whole basketball team due to a poor academic record.

The story of the movie starts when Ken Carter, a successful businessman becomes the coach of Richmond High School basketball ball, where he played before.

Before beginning the coaching session, he asked his team to sign a contract to sit in the front row of all classes and bring at least 2.3 grade points.

Some players may obey but some left the game due to contract.

After many challenges and difficulties, Carter made a strong team or we can say strong team members who play for themselves and for the team.

In the end, the team may lose the State Quarterfinal match but Cater appreciates them because they win the battle within themselves. Some of them also win scholarships in academics.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video


The seventh installment of the Rocky film series, Creed is an interesting sports movies directed by Ryan Coogler.

The story of the movie focuses on Adonis Johnson. Johnson is the son of the late boxing champion Apollo Creed.

He wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become the top heavyweight boxing wrestler. For this, he needs good training and guidance.

Eventually, Rocky Balboa, a good former wrestler, and his father’s rival in previous times, becomes friends and agrees to give training to Johnson.

Later, with Rocky’s guidance, Johnson faces various challenges and even deadlier opponents than his father.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

The Swimmers

The Swimmers is the 2022 best sports genre movie based on two real sisters Nathalie Issa and Manal Issa.

The story of the movie focuses on two teenage Syrian refugees and real sisters Yusra Mardini and Sarah Mardini.

Due to the civil war, Yursa and Sarah’s house was destroyed in 2015 in Syria and they reached Greece.

The movie shows how the two of them faced various challenges and difficulties to reach the 2016 Rio Olympics.

It gives a message that if you want to achieve something in life, work on it. You achieve your goal.

Where to watch: Netflix

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