When it comes to fashion or wearing something that would make you look out of the park, you need a mentor/guide who can tell what and how exactly you need to wear and style clothing. Recently, we had a fun and interesting session with one of the Instagram sensations, Ms. Kirti Sengar (@bindi_on_jeans) who is a sustainable fashion blogger with over 20,000 followers on Instagram and has taken so many hearts on the social media. In our interaction, she told us how today’s girls see Saree as a backdrop of 70s and 80s era and fear wearing them which might think them as old-fashioned. She has not only shared some of the coolest tips for all the girls out there, but also shared her styling in Eco-friendly sarees which will make you think about her twice, in a day. Let’s see how she styles her saree in different ways:

1. The Winter Saree Look

Everyone knows the winter has arrived its peak in December and now it’s right time to make your saree worthy by putting your awesome Black-Raxine jacket and make yourself more comfortable. She says, “Even if you wear small sized denims with saree, that would be more than awesome”. We don’t have any other reasons to disagree with her. Check out her look below:


2. The Cat-eyed Western Saree Look

To all the girls who consider Saree as old-fashioned and a backdrop of 80s era must see her in Cat-eyed shades over the Saree. To look more western, she dressed her dupatta over her neck which might be one of the cutest things on the internet.

Western Saree Look

3. The South Indian Bridal Look

Everyone loves and cheers a South Indian bride with a pink or magenta colored saree with huge earrings. Look here, as she has already done in her past. Sharing her experience, Kirti Sengar says, “The essence of a saree is only fruitful if you have a purpose”. All the girls who are looking for a cute inspiration in Saree in the bridal look must see this at least once.

Indian Bridal Look

4. The Mermaid Look

Considering the beautiful and wonderful figure of Kirti, we must say she’s looking damn pretty in her new Mermaid look. This saree is Eco-friendly saree promoting Sustainable fashion, which uses 0% carbon and no harmful chemicals while dying. According to Kirti, who is believed to be a sustainable fashion blogger, says, “To be a mermaid, you need to wear what is harmless for this environment.” This Saree reminds us of an angel that we used to see in our comic books.


5. The Unorthodox Saree Look

Sometimes, wearing Saree is so common and normal. In those times, you need to be well aware of your fashion sense and use your fashion sense on the point. Styling saree is one of the toughest tasks, but after seeing, Kirti Sengar (@bindi_on_jeans), it looks like it was just a piece of cake. She has tied a black-raxine belt over her Saree which just drew a lot of attention towards her. You don’t believe us, right? Go and check yourself out how many people liked and commented on this post.

Unorthodox Saree Look

So, these were the 5 coolest ways how Kirti Sengar styled her Eco-friendly sarees and looked pretty awesome. What do you have to say about her fashion sense? Let us know in the comments section, but before that don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and Facebook and make the most of her style sense.

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Last Update: December 3, 2019