Animals are the best friends of human beings. They are always loyal to the person who takes care of them and never betray them.

As we see in the present time when human beings easily kill another human being just for small things. At that time animals prove good partners of a lifetime.

They remain faithful to the person who shows love and affection towards them and treats them properly.

Although we have observed that various people take care of animals and show respect towards them, opposites also exist in the same society.

Therefore, it is important to educate our children to be good with animals and not hurt them. You can do this by watching some good and popular Animal movies and pet movies with your children.

These movies help to educate them as well as entertain them with good life lessons. So, what are you waiting for, start streaming the popular Animal movies and pet movies mentioned below.


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An adventure animal movie Flipper shows the friendship of a human being and a dolphin. Different from the usual drama, the movie is the remake of the 1963 movie of the same name.

Its story focuses on a boy named Sandy who is forced to spend his summer with his uncle Porter on the Floride Gold Coast.

Initially, he is sad and feels bored but soon he meets a dolphin named Flipper. Flipper and Sandy become friends. But one Sandy does not find Flipper on the beach.

When he and his uncle searched, he came to know that Flipper was sick due to some toxic waste. They tried to save Flipper and get success.

In the end, when Sandy departs from his uncle’s house, Flipper comes to say goodbye to him.

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777 Charlie

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An Indian Kannada language movie “777 Charlie” truly depicts how an animal can change the life of a man with love and affection.

The story of the movie focuses on a Labrador dog named Charlie. Charlie ran out from his breeder’s house and reached Mysore.

Here he meets Dharma who is a lonely man working in a factory and spends time in fights, booze, smoking, and others.

As time passes both become friends but Dharma comes to know that Charlie is suffering from cancer. He tried all possible ways to save Charlie but failed. In the end, Charlie died in Dharma’s arms leaving her puppy for him.

It is the best story of selfless love and affection between a man and an animal.

Lady and the Tramp

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The popular Animal movies and pet movie “Lady and the Tramp” is based on the 1945 Cosmopolitan magazine story Happy Dan, the cynical dog by Ward Greene.

The story of this interesting American musical movie focuses on a cocker spaniel puppy named Lady. Lady grows up in Jim and Darling’s house with their love and affection.

One day, Jim and Darling bring a baby into the house and they all live happily. But due to some work, both owners leave baby and lady in the house with Aunt Sarah and her two cats.

The two cats are so naughty that they destroy the house and put all things on Lady. Lady is out by Aunt Sarah and some dogs attack her.

But Tramp protects and saves her from the dogs. Lady starts liking each other but Sarah creates problems for them.

In the end, when Jim and Darling return they solve everything and make Tramp their family member along with Lady.

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Old Yeller

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OLD YELLER, Kevin Corcoran, 1957

Out of various animal lover movies “Old Yeller” is the best drama directed by Robert Stevenson. The movie is based on the 1956 novel of the same name by Fred Gipson.

Set in post-civil war Texas, the story of the movie focuses on Jim Coates and his family. Jim’s teenage son Tavis works with him in the cornfield. Here he meets a black mouth Cur named Old Yeller.

Travis tries to shoo the dog away but his small brother Arliss stops him. One day when Arliss tries to capture a black bear cub, the mother bear attacks on him.

At the time, Old Yeller protects Arliss from the bear and becomes a part of Jim Coates’s family. But the story does not end here, various other mysteries remain which you know when you watch these popular Animal movies and pet movies.


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Another popular Animal movie and pet movie Shiloh is based on Phyllis Reynolds Naylor’s original book of the same name.

The movie’s story is about a cute Beagle puppy named Shiloh. Shiloh leaves with a cruel owner named Judd.

One day, Shiloh meets a boy named Marty. Marty likes Shiloh but he knows his father does not allow him to keep that dog because he has an owner. So, Marty returns the dog to the owner.

But the next day when Judd again tortures Shiloh, he returns to Marty. Marty tries to hide him but soon secret is revealed.

Ray understands the love of his son towards the dog and Shiloh’s condition. He decides to protect him, and he even fights with Judd.

The story in the end shows the beautiful relationship of a dog with a small son who protects him from every problem.

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