Netflix’s 2024 new survival movie Society of the Snow, one of the best released on the streaming channel. 

The movie focuses on the 1972 Uruguayan plane crash event and the struggle of its survivors in the toughest environment of the Andes. It presents every emotion so real that it brings tears to the eyes while watching it. 

This survival drama is truly one of the best movies of 2024. Like this, Netflix and other OTT platforms have presented various good movies based on true stories that are good to watch and download. 

Check the details below to learn about the best survival movies similar to Society of Snow. 

127 hours

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Danny Boyle directed the survival biography movie 127 Hours, a struggling story of a canyoneer Aron Ralston. 

The movie covers the incident that happened in April 2003. When Aron, a mountain climber, while doing a hiking adventure in Utah, gets trapped in the canyon. 

He struggles for 127 hours to survive in the extreme conditions, until he rescued.


Where to watch: Netflix

Icelandic thriller survival movie Arctic similar to Society of Snow directed by Joe Penna in 2019.

The story of the movie focuses on Mads Mikkelsen, a lone survivor. Mad’s plane has crashed in the Arctic and he is struggling to get back to his place or be rescued. 

He uses the crashed plane as a survival camp and uses fish to eat. He tries to send radio signals to be rescued but fails many times. 

Coincidently he meets another person in the Arctic and they both struggle for survival. When all hopes are almost gone, they rescued. 

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The Martians

Where to watch: Disney+ Hotstar

The Martians is an amazing survival movie that adapted from the novel named the Martian, written by Andy Weir. 

The movie covers the struggles of an astronaut on Mars. Dr. Mark Watney and his team members of the Ares III Mars Mission have landed on Mars. 

Due to some issues, they are unable to spend much time there and decide to come back. But Watney gets injured and his team does not get his signals. They feel he is dead and leave him alone on Mars and everyone one come back. 

Watney struggles hard to survive with low oxygen levels. But later when his team found out about him, NASA and others tried their best to bring him home. 

The Revenant

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Based on the 2002 novel of the same name by Michael Punke, The Revenant survival story similar to Society of Snow directed by Alejandro G. Inarritu. 

The story of the movie focuses on a huge glass who severely injured by the attack of the bear and his teammates are also left behind to die. 

But huge Glass knows the techniques to survive and he can recover from the injury and decides to take revenge on the companion who betrayed him. 

Ordeal in the Arctic

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Based on Death and Deliverance: The True Story of a plane crash at the North Pole by Robert Mason Lee, Ordeal in the Arctic is a survival story similar to Society of Snow. 

The story shows the military plane flying from Greenland to Canada, due to some issues, crashed in the frozen Arctic. 

Struggling with dangerous environmental conditions, the survivors endured for almost 32 hours until they rescued or got help from a nearby alert base in Nunavut. 

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Last Update: January 5, 2024