History could repeat itself once again in the 2020 presidential election in the United States? If you wondering what I am talking about, then you go back to the history of 2000.

HBO dropped the new documentary ‘537 votes’ is the highly controversial and contested focuses on the chaos and deceit that happened in the 2000 United States presidential election in Florida. 

The state of Florida had originated the center stage of election from where all the disputes began. Director Billy Corben and the producer of ‘Cocaine Cowboys’ Adam McKay recollects the events that happened in the 2000 presidential election premiered on October 21, 2020.

How the Supreme Court had made to take the tough decision between Bush and Gore after an intense recount process in Florida? 

The 537 votes would decide the next president of the United States, it came out in the favor of George W. Bush won the presidency after the big dispute happened in the state of Florida. 

The director Billy Corben and producer Adam McKay believe that history could repeat itself once again in the 2020 presidential election between Trump and Biden, which is a tough race. 

What is the plot of the documentary 537 votes? 

The 2000 presidential election is one of the closest presidential election ever happened in history between Bush and Gore, and Bush won over by a narrow margin of 537 votes.

But these recounts the different sides of American politics i.e. worst, even most of the people couldn’t aware off accept the people who were living that nightmare. 

The documentary “537 votes “gave the insight story of what had happened in the 2000 Florida election through interviews by the insiders and a wealth of archival footage, events surrounding the presidential recounts in Florida, which decided the United States, next president. 

It highlights the politics ugly tactics to win the election, the madness protests of the crowd in the 2000 election.

Film collects all the events that happened in the state of Florida before and after the election in November 2000.

When a disorganized voter recount resulted in Texas Governor George W. Bush winning the presidency by a narrow margin. 

It recounts back to the controversy surrounding the custody battle over six-year-old Elian Gonzalez highly exposed by media.

It became the headlines that could spark off the political earthquake in Miami-Dade County in 2000.

Binge watch the documentary film streaming on HBO. 

Who are the characters of the film? 

There is no cast involved as the film is made documentary

It mainly consists archival footage and interviews of key insiders and people who donate their contribution in 2000 presidential elections. It witness the whole incident happened in the state of Florida. 

The political operatives at the time, including Roger Stone; Joe Geller, Chairman of the Miami-Dade County Democratic Party; Al Cardenas, Chairman of the Florida Republican Party; Cuban American anchorman Rick Sanchez; political consultant Armando Gutierrez; Bush campaign operative Brad Blakeman; Democratic Mayor Alex Penelas; author of Cuba Confidential, Ann Louise Bardach; Democratic political operative Jeff Garcia; Miami political reporter Michael Putney; Gore attorney Mitchell Berger; and Democratic pollster Fernand Amandi.

Where to watch the documentary film?

 537 Votes’ is available to watch on HBO and HBO Max streaming now. 

This documentary is an HBO Original film and is available to stream and on-demand as well on HBO Max. The subscription plan is currently $14.99per month plus applicable taxes.

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Last Update: October 22, 2020