Amazon Prime Video’s new thriller series “Wilderness” thrills people’s hearts with its shocking and intense storyline.

Based on the book of the name by B.E Jones, the 2023 September series focuses on Liv and Will, a happily married couple. Liv heartbreak down after knowing Will’s affair and she decides to take revenge. A beautiful dreamy holiday converts into a nightmare.

Sounds interesting, like this there are various thriller, shocking, and intense series available on your favorite OTT platforms to watch and download.

To know about them, check the below list which contains the 6 best series similar to Wilderness.

The Flower of Evil

The Korean thriller series “The Flower of Evil”, the story of a detective named Cha Ji-won and her husband Baek Hee-sung.

Baek has hidden his identity and past from his wife. Both live a happy life with their 6-year-old daughter.

But things change when Chai during an investigation of a series of unexplained murder come to know that her husband hiding something from her.

The perfect love story converts into a mysterious thriller drama that you come to know when you watch the series.

My name

My Name, a twisty, well-executed, and emotional best series similar to Wilderness. The series shows the revenge of a daughter for her father’s murder.

The K-drama story focuses on a woman named Yoo Ji-woo. Her father murdered suddenly and she decides to take revenge on the people who have done this.

She starts working with the biggest drug crime gang Dongcheon, to uncover the truth behind her father’s death. Later she joins the police force and becomes the spy for Dongcheon.

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The Undoing

Mysterious psychological thriller series “The Undoing” is the most-watched show on HBO in 2020.

The story focuses on a popular psychologist named Grace Fraser who lives with her husband named Jonathan, an oncologist, and son Henry, in Manhattan.

In an auction, Grace meets a girl named Elena and continues to meet her over several days. But Grace does not know her meeting with Elena costs her so high.

Her life turns upside down when she and her family are involved in the murder case of Elena.

Secret Love

Secret Love as its name shows is a secret kind of melodrama full of revenge, emotion, thriller, and action.

Created by Kwak Ki Won, the Secret Love story focuses on four people who live with secrets.

One of them is a rich bad boy named Jo Min-hyuk. He wants to take revenge for his girlfriend’s death in the hit-and-run accident.

Second, is Kang Yoo-Jung, an innocent girl who takes all the blame for her boyfriend’s hit-and-run murder case and goes to jail.

Third is Ahn Do-hoon, the real culprit in a hit-and-run case and boyfriend of Kang Yoo-jung.

Fourth is Shin Se-Yeon, She is engaged to Min Hyuk and feels jealous after seeing the love of Min towards her deceased girlfriend.

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Call it love

Different from the normal dramas, Call It Love is a 2023 original best series similar to Wilderness Netflix.

The 16 episodes of the series focus on a girl named Woo-joo who decides to take revenge on her father’s mistress who kicked out her family from home after her father’s death.

But as time passes, her plan changes. She falls in love with the mistress’s son Dongjin who is a lovely, lonely, and gentle soul.


Directed by the famous iPark Bong Seop, Eve is a thriller South Korean drama that is good to watch and download.

It is the story of a girl named Lee Ra El and her revenge towards the rich people. Lee has a perfect family, an intelligent father, and a cute mother. But her family gets disturbed after her father’s death because of cruel forces.

She decides to take revenge to super rich people, especially the CEO of the business empire Kang Yoon. Divorce is the only choice she is having. She starts a legal battle of 2 trillion to destroy Kang and his business.

She tries all her best to win the case and take the revenge she is craving for.

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