Police Procedural TV series is somewhat related to real-life incidents.

Every day we observe some incident happening in one place or another. The police is the only name that is called in every situation. They protect us from every problem and work as a safeguard for us.

In the Han River Police series, the officers are protecting the people who come to visit Han River and its surroundings from criminals.

Like the Han River Police series, there are various other Police procedural TV series available on your favorite OTT platforms to watch and download.

Beyond Evil

The next name in the Police procedural TV series “Beyond Evil” the top-rated Korean drama written by Shim Na-yeon.

The story of the series focuses on two fearless policemen at the Munju Police Station. Both of them go to extreme levels to catch the serial killer. In their journey of finding truth, they question every person even themselves also.

Where to watch: Viki, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video


Created by Neil Cross, Luther is a police procedural TV series just like the Han River Police. The series has completed its five seasons to date and a feature film continuation of this “Luther: The Fallen Son” streaming on Netflix from March 10, 2023.

Luther is the story of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther of the serious crime unit. He is a dedicated officer who keeps his job first and everything else next.

Luther in the first season tries to catch an intelligent psychopath and murderer Alice Morgan. But he failed to do so due to a lack of evidence.

In the later episodes, both solve various cases together but the truth behind this is something else that you come when you watch the series.

Where to watch: BBC iPlayer and Hulu

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Chicago P.D.

The most-watched thriller series “Chicago P. D.” story focuses on Sergeant Hank Voight and his uniformed patrol officers team and the Intelligence Unit of the 21st District of Chicago Police Department. Sergeant along with his team solve various drug, murder, and other cases and protect the community from any kind of danger.

Dick Wolf and Matt Olmstead started the popular TV series on January 2014 and completed 10 seasons and 208 episodes journey at present.

Where to watch: NBC, Amazon Prime Video

Criminal Minds

The police procedural TV series Criminal Minds has completed a journey of 16 seasons and 334 episodes from September 2005 to the present.

Its plot focuses on a group of criminal profilers who belong to different departments and work for the FBI as members of its Behavioral Analysis Unit. They use Behavioral analysis and profiling to investigate the crime and find the criminal known as the unknown subject (Unsub).

Where to watch: CBS, Paramount+, Disney+hotstar

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Blue Bloods

CBS’s original police procedural TV series just like Han River Police is created by Robin Greens and Mitchell Burgess. The series aired in September 2010 has completed 13 seasons and 275 episodes and many more are yet to come.

Blue Bloods’ story focuses on the Irish- an American Catholic family, the Reagan family in New York City. The family has a history of working in the law enforcement department. Frank Reagan, the head of the family is the police commissioner in New York Police Department and others also hold different posts in the Police Department.

Each member dedicated to their job and passionately and fully enthusiastic to try to save their city from any kind of harm and crime.

Where to watch: CBS, Amazon Prime Video


The killer Police procedural series “Bosch” is the hit thriller drama on the online streaming platforms.

Based on the famous novels of Michael Connelly, the series has completed a journey of seven seasons and 68 episodes.

Its story focuses on the Los Angeles Police Department detective named Harry Bosch. Harry is accused of murdering a serial killer and at the same time, he is solving a murder case of a young boy who was brutally killed. The two cases running in his life simultaneously and he tries to give his best to both of them.

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

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