Sometimes all you need is a good movie time in the comfort of your home with your friends or family, especially during coronavirus which has halted all your plans with your friends.

Having to watch a movie virtually with your friends with the option to even chat , can make you feel connected in this socially-distanced world we are stuck in. Below, are the 7 best apps to watch movies together on, to have the experience of chilling at home yet enjoying a virtual movie being miles apart from each other.


Zoom is famously used for activities like doing meetings or holding webinars. The ‘SHARE SCREEN’ option however allows you to even watch a movie together and chat along.  Using it you can watch movies with your friends or family anywhere while still feeling connected through constant chatting and watching together!


Netflix Party is a chrome extension that lets you watch videos with friends or family using Netflix. Being one of the most used sites for entertainment this feature of watching together and chatting alongside makes it even more exciting. In times like these, when all we crave is to go out with friends or watch a movie together Netflix Party can reduce the longing!


Another social website that allows you to watch movies or any other content in-sync with others is watch2gether. Being in-sync with others it makes sure everyone is viewing the same content. It also supports a wide variety of media like web browsing videos, music. You can easily enjoy content from YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud. A good platform to connect virtually and staying in touch free of cost.


This is another famous app which allows you to stream videos together in a single session. You can stream together from a wide array of websites like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and much more. It also offers text and video chat to make sure you are connected with whoever you are watching it with. 

You can also access the Rabbit app on your mobile phone by downloading the Puffin mobile browser. It is available on google play and IOS as well. 


Kast is a cross-platform app that aims in bringing everyone together to watch, play or talk sitting miles away. You can join parties and watch, add friends, create rooms, or even text chat. An option to share your webcam or microphone is also available. 


A video synchronization service which allows participants to have direct access to videos on the platform. To use it you will have to install the extension in chrome or firefox. Once done you will be required to create an account on two seven after which you can host or join a viewing room.


Commonly referred to as a ‘VIRTUAL MOVIE THEATER’ scener allows you to interact with friends over video chat sitting anywhere. It is referred to as a movie theater because it offers that sort of an experience. It is accessed via the Google Chrome web browser and allows you to watch your favorite programs on it. You can co-watch Netflix, HBO, HBO NOW, and much more.

The weekends definitely call for movie time isn’t it? So, above are the 7 best apps to watch movies together for you to choose from and enjoy your weekends!