In today’s fast-paced world, everyone seems to get caught in the rat race of life. But what’s made you different from others and increases your chances to select for respective field-Personality. Yes, personality enhances you from inside.

A few years ago most of the parents weren’t forced their children to develop personality but now it becomes a need to analyze what we are now and what changes we should make in ourselves for overall development.

Many Interviewers not only see your knowledge in your field but how you interact with people around you and how you deal with any circumstances or pressure.

There is one saying-“The swiftest way to triple your success is to develop you’re invested in personal development “by Robin Sharma.

As you think a child requires training to learn computer skills, communication skills, etc. Same in personality development you need training to develop the professional traits.

Here are some personality development apps that build confidence, positive thoughts, and behavior traits.


One of the best personal development app, motivational and for self-grooming is GrowU. It builds confidence in personal as well in professional life.

This app is not just for knowledge but enhances your personality as well. You make work on your weaker areas as it provides lifestyle and inspiring articles.

Feature of the App are

It provides personal development articles to enhance your knowledge to make a better version of yourself. Learn a lot from this 100+ topics that help to deal with your situation.

Provides inspiring quotes, makes motivated and become active to perform better and make yourself attractive and effective.

Everyone is busy nowadays; the GrowU app provides book summaries from the top books all over the world. These books provide knowledge to prepare yourself for your present and future life.

Follow the path of successful people through their success stories to improve your personality and build a successful path for your future. You can also share your story with the world and publish your story with your name as well.

You can download it from Google.

Bestify Me

 It is the personality development app to helps you to introduce in a better way. It will work on your areas in which you are lacking.

Personality development app-Bestify me to conduct a real-life survey so that everyone can trust and believe.

Feature of the App are

Its interface is eye-catching and simple to use.

It provides training and guidance from a professional expert so that you can learn and apply in your life.

It provides motivational photos and quotes to boost your inner strength and helps you to motivate in your respective field.

Articles are written in quite a simple language in this app, a reader can understand and change the outlook with positive thoughts.

You can download free from Google Play. It also has in-app purchases to get premium services.

Lumiosity: Brain Training

The world’s most popular brain training app Lumiosity, is used by 100 million people worldwide.

Lumosity’s program consists of science-based games designed to exercise memory, attention, speed, flexibility, and problem-solving.

Feature of the App are

Like 10 min workout makes your body fit, it has 10 min brain workout that makes your brain active and smart and also enhances personality and confidence.

It provides 50+ activities, challenges for memory, speed, logic, problem-solving, math, language, and more to make your brain active.

Carefully curate sets of games to make you smarter day by day.

Personalized tracking of training habits and preferences to finds different ways to challenge your brain.

Learn your game strengths, weaknesses, and cognitive patterns so that you work on that specific area.

The app is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese, and Korean.

To access the app in one of these languages, change your device setting to the desired language.

You can download from Google play store free and also get premium services with paying charges.

Your personality

Do you want to know your personality in-depth? Not a specific idea where are you lacking then this personality development app is perfect for you.

The Test is based on Carl Jung’s theory that we can all preferably use 4 basic mental processes when we obtain information (Sensation / Intuition) and make decisions (Reflection / Emotion) and 4 attitudes towards the outside world (Extraversion / Introversion and Judgment / Perception).

Feature of the App are

Each personality trait has a detailed description and characteristics so that you know the specific area where you need to work.

Various tests for your development and growth like communication, team integration, emotional intelligence, leadership, change management, etc

Develop self-knowledge and improve on your communication and personal relationship and knows your strength and weakness.

Improves leadership and management skills and enrich the way to resolve conflict if it occurs in any situation.

The personality development app is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.

You can access your language and download it from Google store.

Super Better

Super better is Strength. If you want to achieve goals, build resilience, and develop an ability to stay strong, motivated, and optimistic and tackle the tough challenges in your life, then this app works in that particular area.

If you face depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, and conclusion recovery, you can overcome by getting help from this app, nearly a million users join this app.

Why play Super Better?

If you want to adopt a new habit, improve and work on skills, strengthen relationships with people around you in your workplace, complete a project, or pursue a lifelong dream.

To beat depression, overcome anxiety, manage stress, cope with chronic pain, heal from physical injury, or recover from post-traumatic stress.

Feature of the App are

Identify and go for epic wins so that you spend your time in a meaningful place.

Can adopt a secret identity and also recruit allies for support.

Choose power packs or design your activities and be a master of your activities.

Activate power-ups, battle bad guys, and complete quests each day and try to win.

Get it on the Google Play Store.

Habit Factor

This app is the professional’s choice for positive behavior and habit development. You can develop a habit that may work on your lacking areas and enhances personality.

It can help in achieving your goal and strengthen your inner growth.

Feature of the App are

Motivate! Write why you wish and develop the goal and habit.

Align habit with goals so that you can achieve your goals more quickly.

Select target day for habit and keep track by taking daily notes and also have chart habit and goal data.

Too many inspirational quotes so that you cannot distract from your goals

You can download Habit Factor on Google play store and also get Habit Factor with paying charges to get more features.


What stops you from achieving goals and becoming what you want to be? Build your self-improvement program to develop the mindset and motivation you need to succeed, using personal affirmations most effectively.

Feature of the app are

Find inspiration from a professionally edited list or just use inspiration and can also create your own.

Personalize your affirmation with your voice so that your brain can listen to you and work accordingly because you trust yourself the most.

Set notifications of your affirmation and try to listen daily so that you get rid of your bad habits and try to adopt new and develop positive thoughts and reduce negative self-talk.

Add music likes inspiring music, slow music makes the experience better and also relax your mind and also has a built-in affirmation of your choices.

You can get free and premium services with monthly subscription $ 2.99 and download in Google store.

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