Amazon Prime Video has been winning the hearts of the people for the last 17 years. Its original series and movies of various genres are far apart from other online streaming platforms.

From January 2023 to August 2023, the channel has come up with various top series that are liked by the audience a lot. Many more are on the upcoming list till the end of this year.

If you are also a fan of popular streaming channel Amazon Prime Video and liked to watch series on it then this blog is for you. It contains a list of the 7 most-watched Amazon Prime Video 2023 original series that have been released to date.


If you are a fan of vampire-based drama then the South Korean Series “Heartbeat” is for you. Created by Lee Hyun-woon Kim and Hyung-jun, the story of a vampire named Seon Woohyeol who desperately wants to become human and find her true love. For this, she tried all her ways.

But things are not easy, the way she thinks. She faces various challenges in her life journey which you watch in its 14 episodes on Amazon Prime Video 2023 original series.

Barra brava

Created by Jesus Braveras, Gabriel Nicoli, Lucia Garibaldi, and Felipe Aparicios Barra Brava is the new 2023 crime drama that is available on Amazon Prime Video to watch and download.

Its story focuses on the two brothers Polaco and Cesar who after a vicious internal fight expelled from their beloved team gang (the barra brava of Club Atletico Libertad del Pureto). Alone, without any political and monetary support, the two of them try to survive in the difficult and marginal world. Alongside preparing for a war that put their brotherhood to the test.

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The Horror of Dolores Roach

Inspired by a famous fictional podcast created by Aaron Mask for Gimlet Media, The Horror of Dolores Roach is a black comedy drama consisting of a total of eight episodes.

Its story focuses on a woman named Dolores Roach (Justina Machado) who after release from an unjust prison sentence returns to start a new life. She starts working with her old stoner friend Luis as a masseuse in the basement under his empanada shop.

The problem arises when the promise of Dolores’s newfound stability is threatened. She goes to extreme levels to survive.

Justified: City Primeval

Apart from normal crime drama, Justified: City Primeval is a new 2023 Amazon Prime video that inspired the novel City Primeval: High Noon in Detroit by Elmore Leonard and the short story “Fire in the Hole”.

It is the story of Deputy US Marshal Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) who left Kentucky 15 years ago and started balancing his life between being a Marshal and the father of a 15-year-old girl.

Suddenly his life takes a turn when he accidently reaches Detroit and crosses paths with a violent, sociopathic desperado named Clement Mansell aka The OklahomaWilderman, who has escaped from the Detroit police force.

How did he help the police? What happens next? All questions answered in its eight-episode Amazon Prime 2023 original series journey.

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The Killing vote

Amazon Prime 2023 original drama “The Killing Vote” is a hardboiled thriller drama consisting of a total of five episodes journey.

The story focuses on the unknown figure in a dog mask named Gaetal, who runs his brand of justice against heinous criminals. He holds polls known as the killing vote in which people over 18 years old vote for the person whether the person receives the death penalty or not. If a person receives more than 50% vote in favor of punishment, the person is killed by a Dog Mask.

Kim Moo Chan, leader of the Investigation team along with other team members such as famous legal scholar Kwon Seok Joo and Joo Hyun, a Cyber Safety Bureau Police officer, start working on the case and finds the truth behind it.

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Modern love Chennai

Depicting facets, shades, and moods of love, Modern Love Chennai, a Tamil language drama set in Chennai. It is an anthology series showing six diverse yet universal love stories that give a treat to your eyes.

Based on a collection of real essays, published in the New York Times and mostly- the loved US series Modern Love by John Carney, the romantic drama consists of six episodes, available on Amazon Prime to watch and download.

Surf Girls Hawai’i

Produced by Reese Witherspoon and Sara Rea, Surf Girls Hawai’i is a four-part docu-series, available on Amazon Prime Video to watch and download.

The series focuses on Native Hawaiian female surfers who compete with each other at elite levels to get a position on the World Tour of professional surfing.

What problems do they face in this journey? How do they deal with their family problems? Which type of training provided to the girls? All unknown scenes shown in this new 2023 original series.

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