Many times when we are streaming our favorite movies, TV shows, and videos, we face a slow internet connection problem. Sometimes it occurs due to some problems in our device in which we are streaming or due to some issues on the internet service provider side. But it is annoying.

Therefore to solve this biggest problem, here we mention some easy to implement and best ways. So, apply them and solve your slow internet connection issue quickly and effectively.

Use data saving themed browser

Sometimes when you are sitting in a coffee shop or a cinema hall and an urgent message has arises then you have to check it by using the internet, but it is working slowly then it creates a problem. So, it’s time to use some data saving themed browser such as Chrome Lite mode, Opera Mini then provide you a good experience at slow internet speed.

Delete Unwanted Apps

Most of us download various types of apps for different-different tasks. It’s good but sometimes it creates a problem because when we switch on the internet then these apps also consume some amount of data. So, to overcome this problem, just remove unwanted apps or apps you are not currently using.

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Quickly fix your hardware

Sometimes poor internet connection or speed issue arises due to some problem in our modem and router. So the best and easy way to solve this

  • Restart your internet modem, device, and router
  • Temporarily remove all other devices connected to the same internet connection which you are using.

Analyze your internet speed

Occasionally your internet connection provides less speed (Slow) because you are paying for extremely low-quality internet. To solve this problem, you need to check the plan details on the provider’s website. Then open any speed checking site and run the test. If the result shows close measurement to what you’re paying then it means your network is working fine just isn’t very fast, so upgrade it.

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Block bandwidth-hogging apps

When we are downloading files then our browser works slowly as compared to regular speed. It may occur due to some bandwidth-hogging ads, animations, and videos. Therefore to remove this problem installs blocking extensions such as AdBlock Plus and others.

Check your hardware limitations

If you use a good internet connection like fiber connection in an old router or good router to an old laptop then surely create a problem. Therefore you must know your hardware limitations. If you know about it then you connect internet connection properly and it provides you good speed and output.

Talk to your service provider

If you have tried all possible troubleshooting ways but still face a slow internet connection problem, then without wasting a single minute, call your internet service provider. They will suggest you some good ways to solve this or else they send an engineer to resolve your issue.

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Last Update: April 18, 2020