There are times when we feel low or demotivated. Trying to divert yourself into something productive doesn’t always work. And sometimes watching something inspirational can shake up your mind and soul to boost you up. When you see something that moves your heart or touches your soul that means it has an impact on you for sure..

So below I will be sharing a list of 8 such inspirational movies you must watch to get motivated. These movies will definitely act as a positive booster to help you gear up. Also, the fact that most of these movies are based on true stories makes it even more realistic and relatable along with being inspirational.

Pursuit of Happyness


Get Rich or Die Tryin

The Fighter

Coach Carter

Million Dollar Baby

The Bucket List

Yes Man

1. Pursuit of Happyness

Pursuit of Happyness

The movie Pursuit of Happyness is by far the most inspiring movie. It will move you, shake you, break you as well as motivate you to a whole new level. Every scene in the movie touches you to the deepest point. You can’t only see but sense the pain the actor goes through. The movie unfolds the true story of Chris Gardner who is a single father struggling tirelessly to make life for himself and his son Christopher better. Chris terribly struggles battling homelessness while he is trying to complete his internship at a stockbroker firm. Along with this he is even fighting to make a living selling medical scanners that are really low in demand

2. Rocky


Another true story based on the life of the world famous and revolutionary boxer Rocky Balboa. Rocky is played by Sylvester Stallone who does complete justice to the role. Every sequel is as inspiring and motivating as it can be. In a crux, it throws light on the boxing career of Rocky Balboa.

3. Get Rich or Die Tryin

Get Rich or Die Tryin INSPIRATIONAL
Get Rich or Die Tryin

The movie Get Rich or Die Tryin inspires in the most outrageous way. It is based on the life of Curtis Jackson famously known as 50 cent. He is a famous rapper and entrepreneur. While his mother got murdered when he was small and he didn’t know about his dad he entered into drug dealing. But the dream of becoming a rapper was always brewing in him. While he was on this journey he got shot 9 times by his haters but still survived!! His survival becomes his sole inspiration to follow his dream.

4. The Fighter


Micky Ward often known by his name “Irish” is an American former professional boxer around whom The Fighter revolves around. He always wanted to give a shot at the welter weight title. His half-brother dicky was his source of inspiration. Unfortunately due to his bad drug problem dicky deteriorated himself. But he comes up clean and helps his brother get the title he always dreamed of. The movie “The Fighter” shows this journey of Micky in the most breathtaking and touching way. It is inspirational and even gets touchy but makes sure to leave an impact on you..

5. Coach Carter


The movie Coach Carter is based on the true story of Ken Carter, an education activist, American business owner and former basketball coach. The movie revolves around his intense and persistent leadership quality as basketball coach. He takes on a job as the basketball coach at his own old high school. What’s challenging is the players in the basketball team are equally poor in class as well as on court. Carter takes the decision to take charge of them and improve the players laid back attitude. The movie is definitely a must watch to see how he does it and brings the ball in his court!

6. Million Dollar Baby


The movie Million Dollar Baby is very inspirational in itself as it’s about a female boxer which is very unusual as we say soo. The movie features Clint Eastwood and Hilary Swank. The story unfolds in the most conventional way where Maggie arrives at Clint’s gym to seek his expertise. Like the usual reaction he is every reluctant at first but finally gives in. As he gives in and starts training her, it gives life to one of the closest bonds that changes both of them irrevocably.

7. The Bucket List


This movie starts on a low note but brings fun, interesting and adventurous moments. It’s about two men who are poles apart but discover that both have terminal cancer. One of them is a mechanic while the other is a billionaire. Both of them decide to escape their cancer wards and get set to do all the things they always wanted to before they die.

The movie is a must watch as it teaches you not only to enjoy life but also tells you it’s never too late to chase your dreams!!

8. Yes Man


The movie Yes Man is about Carl a low self-esteem and lonely man who always looks at life in the most pessimistic way possible. Once he attends a self-help programme that challenges him to say a yes to everything and this changes his life altogether.

Its an absolutely brilliant film to watch for anyone who has a demeaning and negative outlook towards life. The movie flushes that negativity and pushes you to seize every opportunity that is thrown before you.