True Detective’s latest season the Night Country has an interesting storyline and characters that force its viewers to watch the show again and again.

The crime thriller series new 6 episodes focuses on the Detectives who try to find the researchers operating in Tsalal Arctic Research Center suddenly vanishing without any trace.

The first episode of the series is already out and the second will be coming on the 21st, so, there are 7 days in between. To fill this gap, start streaming TV shows similar to True Detective.

These crime thriller shows storylines also involve crime and are good in streaming. So, to know about the True Detective Similar TV Shows check the list mentioned below.

The Outsider

True Detective Similar TV Show “The Outsider” also an HBO show based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name.

The Outsider storyline is about the missing and murder of a small 11-year-old boy. The seasoned cop and unorthodox investigator involved in the case come to know some unbelievable secrets that hard to believe.

The minisery’s first season is out in 2020. As per the latest news, its makers also working on the script for its second season which released soon.


Netflix’s popular crime series Mindhunter is also a different psychological thriller series you watch after True Detective.

Based on the 1995 true crime book Mindhunter: Inside the FBI’s elite serial crime unit by John E. Douglas and Mark Olshaker. The story of the series revolves around FBI agents and psychologists who are working in the training division of the FBI Academy.

Here they interview the serial killers who are involved in some cases and try to read their minds and understand their tactics. To solve the other ongoing cases.

The series is a complete journey of two seasons and 19 must-watch episodes.

We own this city

Another HBO series “We Own This City” is a crime thriller drama similar to True Detective.

Based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Justin Fenton. The series first season gained good response and love from the audience.

The storyline of this six-episode journey shows the rise and downfall of the Baltimore Police Department Gun Trace Task Force and the corruption that surrounds it.

The series shows the police who try to remove the drugs and guns from the street have some unfolding secrets that are revealed as the series moves ahead.

The Investigation

The Investigation is based on the true story that happened in 2017. It shows the death investigation of a 30-year-old Swedish journalist named Kim Wall.

The series directed by Tobias Lindholm, aired in September 2020. It covers the full investigation of the case under the guidance of Copenhagen Police Homicide unit head Jens Moller.

They try to collect each piece of evidence related to the case and solve the difficult mystery involved in the murder.

When they See Us

True Detective’s similar TV show “When They See Us” focuses on a real-life incident that happened on April 19, 1989, in Central Park Jogger, New York City.

In 1989, 5 black people and a Latino male are wrongly arrested in the case of rape and assault of a white woman in Central Park.

The lives and families of these people affected a lot. They even get punished for the crimes that they never commit.

Later when the truth revealed then they released but they terrified mentally and physically for a long time.

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The Killing

Based on the Danish Television show named Forbrydelsen, The Killing is an interesting suspenseful criminal series developed by Veena Sud.

The storyline of the show focuses on a murder investigation of a 17-year-old boy in Seattle, Washington.

Detective Sarah Linden and Stephen Holder try all possible ways to find the truth behind the murder and the mystery involved in the case.

This interesting True Detective Similar TV show has a total 4 seasons and 44 episodes. It is available on Netflix to watch and download.


Out of various True Detective Similar TV Shows, Trapped an Icelandic mystery series that began in 2015. It has completed three seasons to date.

The story of the series shows the murder investigation of a former townsman whose corpse recovered by a fisherman.

The chief of the police of a remote town in Iceland tries all possible ways to find the truth behind the murder and mystery involved with the people of the remote town.

The Sinner

Based on a 1999 novel of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr, The Sinner series is an anthology crime series that completed 4 seasons and 32 episodes.

The series focuses on Bill Pullman, a police detective who tries to investigate the crimes that committed by ordinary people. He tries to find the reason behind the crime and why people are committing such big crimes.

This interesting gripping drama is available on Netflix to watch and download.

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