The weekends call for a good movie to watch with friends or family. And with this whole wave of the pandemic, we definitely struggle to keep ourselves entertained sometimes. Also, exercise and creating a to-do list to stay engaged at home is just not enough at times. It is during this time websites like HotstarNetflix come to the rescue. And just like Hotstar even Netflix has a lot to offer in terms of the plans or so-called packages for everyone. You can just choose the most suitable one and start it’s subscription to entertain yourself especially when boredom hits you hard.

Below I will be sharing a list of the plans it offers –

What are the number of plans Netflix offers?

Currently, there are 4 plans on Netflix. It starts from Rs 199 and goes up to Rs 799. Each plan has its own set of offerings. The list is as below-

  • Mobile only -Rs 199 plan
  • Basic – Rs 499 plan
  • Standard – Rs 649 plan
  • Premium – Rs 799 plan

Along with all these plans which I will be explaining below, Netflix also offers a Rs 5 Trial offer.

So, What is the Rs 5 Trial Offer?

No matter what plan you choose to start your subscription, Netflix will offer you access to the platform for free lasting a month which is purely on a trial basis.

How does it work?

In order to access it, you will first have to select the plan and then pay Rs 5 as a token amount. As soon as you do so your Netflix free trial will start. Once your trial period is over, Netflix will start to deduct the money from your account depending on the subscription plan you chose.

A Brief into the 4 Netflix Plans

1. Netflix Rs 199 mobile – only plan

As the name clearly suggests you can access the platform only on a smartphone. This plan allows us to view content on only one screen at a time. Since it’s for mobile-only, you won’t be able to access your account with this plan on Chromecast, Amazon Fire Tv, or any other big-screen gadget for that matter. Big screen gadgets being laptops or iPads. The plan is quite useful for all those who like to access all their content via a phone. The yearly charge of this plan is Rs 2,388.

2. Netflix Rs 499 plan (BASIC)

If you are someone who has the habit of operating on more devices apart from your phone then this is the plan for you. But just like the mobile plan, here also Netflix will operate on one screen at a time. The content is available in HD or SD resolution which depends on the connectivity speed. For this plan, the yearly charge is Rs 5,988.

3. Netflix Rs 649 plan (STANDARD)

Starting from this plan you can stream the content on two devices or screens that to simultaneously. For this plan, the annual fee is Rs 7,788.

4. Netflix Rs 799 plan (PREMIUM)

The 799 plan is also referred to as a family plan as it allows to access content on four screens at a time from your Netflix account. The content will be streamed in HD or SD and for this, the yearly subscription cost is Rs 9,588.

Apart from these 4 basic plans there is a new Netflix plan for Rs 349.

Netflix New Rs 349 plan

This is cheaper than the basic Rs 499 plan which Netflix is testing. This plan works on a tablet, mobile phone, and even a laptop/computer. The only screen it doesn’t work on is the TV sets. The plan is a must try and suitable for all those who want to access content on the above-mentioned devices.

What is the process of Netflix Subscription?

In order to subscribe follow the following steps –

1. First, Open the Netflix app or go on the Netflix website. The app is available on App Store as well as Play store.

2. Next, Choose the plan you wish to subscribe.

Third, create a new Netflix ID and fill out all the payment details. Once you do so, you will get one-month free access at Rs 5.

4. While you use the account for free you have the option to either cancel the subscription once the month ends or in between. If not you can continue by paying the payment for the plan chosen.