A guide to Data Entry 

Data Entry always ranks in the work from home jobs. Alot of people are earning money online through Data Entry the reason being you can fetch some extra money. Below, I will be explaining about Data Entry. Find out What is it and Where to find jobs..

What is Data Entry?

Data entry is referred to as the process of putting data or information into the computer. The inputting of data usually happens through typing or voice recording. The key devices you need are –  

  • Keyboard
  • Scanner
  • Disk 

Basic Skills for Data Entry include

  • Software Knowledge 
  • Speedy Typing
  • Need to be Focused 
  • Good Typing skills 
  • Efficient Written and Communication Skills 
  • Knowledge of word processing tools and spreadsheets

With these Basic skills you must also be –

  • Well -Organised 
  • Ability to multi-task 
  • Customer Service 
  • Attention to detail
  • Accuracy
  • Motivated to work 
  • Patience 

Key roles 

  • Entering customer data from documents 
  • Updating of Data  
  • Sorting the information for computer entry
  • Proof Reading 
  • Maintaining confidentiality keeping in mind the company’s policies 
  • Verifying the customer data by reviewing, correcting, deleting or even re-entering
  • Securing information through database backups 
  • Working on the required deadlines 

These are the principle key roles to name a few.

Educational and Entry requirements

– You need a high school Diploma or Equivalent

– Being well-versed with MS office, Excel, Spreadsheets

–  Speedy and Efficient typing skills is one of the most important eligibility factors 

Employment opportunities in different sectors 

– Health care institutions like hospitals for a profile of a patient with an in-depth history and information 

–    Banking and Finance 

–    Publications

–    Accounting and Law

–    Government jobs 

–    Colleges and Universities 

–    Telecom

–    Billing system 

All the places that require maintaining the data in a systematic manner require data assistance. The reason being data entries are used for maintaining the official records of an institution.

Best sites to find jobs in data entry include 

–    Fiver 

–    Upwork 

–    People per Hour 

–    Skillbox 

–    Smart Crowding

–    SigTrack

–    Xerox

–    Freelancer

–    Microworkers

–    GoLance

I hope this guide will help you understand about what data entry is. I would also recommend you to look at the mentioned sites to find jobs in it, if interested.

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Last Update: June 11, 2020