With the whole wave of TikTok shutting down and people shifting to alternatives of it, Instagram decided to be at par and introduced it’s very own version of short videos. The videos are very close to how it happens on TikTok. Thus, Instagram reels are referred to as the TikTok version of Instagram. 

About Instagram reels


Instagram reels allow you to create videos, add filters, music as well as share it. On it, you can create a video of 15 seconds using all sorts of popular songs, trends, or challenges. It is a good outlet to showcase your sense of creativity. Many influencers, bloggers, etc are using this filter to express their creative sides.

Why has it been introduced?

According to Vishal Shah who is the VP of Product, the reason for it’s introduction was the following 

  • The realization that 45 percent of the videos on Instagram is 15 seconds or less.
  • Stories weren’t the only place where people wanted to share the videos. They wanted the videos to stick longer.
  • Along with this, they also wanted the videos to be distributed beyond their range of followers.

This new feature aims to solve all these issues by helping people to shoot videos, add filters and music as well as sharing it beyond their followers. Making a separate section for it also differentiates it, thus making it easily noticeable.

The reels can be shared in explore as well as one’s feed with the followers. As of now, there is no monetization associated with it. India is also the fourth country that has tested this new feature after Brazil, Germany, and France.

How to use it ?

The reels option is present within the Instagram camera along with Boomerang, Normal, Live, etc options.

All you need to do is select the option and start creating a 15 seconds video which is exactly what happens in TikTok. It also provides audio from Instagram music and other options like speed, effects, and timer.

You have the option to choose the audience you wish to share the reel with. The only differentiating part between Instagram stories and reels is that reels can be shared on explore as well. This makes the content reach a much wider and varied audience.

Not only this, but reels also provides an AR effect that helps to add that unique touch to the video. You can record multiple 15 seconds reels at once and use whatever effect you want to use in each one of them. The reels can be deleted, re-recorded, and reviewed as well.

Apart from all this, it also comes with a ‘USE AUDIO’ option that allows the user to use their original audios while creating the reels.

Step by Step process of creating Instagram Reels

First, select the reels options available at the bottom of the Instagram camera.


Next, select the audio option on left hand side. Search for a song that you would want to use in your reel. You also have the option of using your own audio by just recording a reel like it happens on TiKTok.


After this you can add whatever effect you wish to add from a whole lot of options available to choose from.


You also have the timer option to use incase you want to record any video hands-free.


There is a speed option to control the speed of the video or audio too.


So, follow this step by step and create your very first reel on Instagram.