Television is one of the best sources of entertainment. It not only helps to remove tiredness but also the fresh mind. But it’s quite difficult to remember the names of TV shows coming tonight(What’s TV Tonight) on television and it is also hectic to change channels to know what best is coming on TV tonight.

Therefore, to remove all your worries and provide you relaxation we bring a TV Guide that shows the list of binge watch TV shows which are coming on your TV tonight. So, don’t forget to check the prefect TV guide Hard2Know before opening the television screen tonight.

AT 8:00 PM

1. 9-1-1 (FOX)

Episode one of the series shows Athena help a teenager who speeds out on the Freeway. At the same time, routine traffic discloses a shocking kidnapping and buck struggles with his recovery.

2. Dancing with Stars (ABC)

Episode 2 of the Season 28 show 12 celebrity and pro dancer couples who give a dance performance in the style that they not performed yet. It also shows the first elimination of this season.

3. Penn & Teller: Fool Us (CW)

Magicians try to fool Penn and Teller by their magical tricks. Anyone who succeeds in this will perform with Penn and Teller in the celebrity show.

4. The Neighborhood (CBS)

On TV tonight, The Neighborhood Season 2 will be premiered on CBS. Its first episode shows how the relationship between families grows up and how the friendship between Dave and Calvin go.

5. The Voice (NBC)

The first episode of the amazing show “The Voice” will be coming on NBC channel tonight.

6. WWE Monday Night Raw (USA)

The Bray Watt, Universal Champ, and the Fiend meet up before their “Hell in a Cell bout”.

The Hurt Locker (HBO), The Deuce (HBO2) and they shall not Grow Old (HBOSGe)

These three shows will be coming to rock you tonight on your favorite channel HBO, HBO2, and HBOSGe.

At 9:00 PM

1. 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way (TLC)

Popular TV series of TLC show Deavan discovering problematic information about Jihoon’s past. Sumit confronts his truth.

2. All Rise (CBS)

Season one of the courthouse drama will be premiere on CBC tonight on 9:00 PM. Check out how clerks, judges, prosecutors, cops try to get justice for the audience of Los Angeles who amidst a flawed legal case.

3. Live Rescue (A & E)

Season 1 of Live Rescue shows how firefighters, EMTs, and paramedics risk their life when they get an emergency rescue.

4. The Deuce (HBO), The Nun (HBO2) and by the Sea (HBOSGe)

Watch the interesting and popular TV series “The Deuce”, “The Nun” and “By the Sea” episodes on HBO channels.

At 10:00 PM

1. Bluff City Law (NBC)

Watch the first episode of Bluff City Law tonight on your television screens. It is an amazing story of corporate attorney Sydney and her father. It shows some stumble secrets which Sydney come to about her father.

2. Bull (CBS)

Season 4 of Bull series will be premiere on CBS tonight. It shows Bull who prepares for fatherhood while his work at TAC suffers without his top lawyer.

3. Our Boys (HBO)

Watch the eighth episode of the series season one on HBO tonight that shows how Avishai and Yinon spend their first day in isolation without any worry of retaliation by other prisoners.

4. The Good Doctor (ABC)

The Good Doctor Season 3 will be premiere on ABC tonight. It shows Dr. Shaun Murphy who does a radical surgery to save a woman life after a disastrous first date with Carly. At the same time, after new chief surgeon announcement, Dr. Alex Park and Dr. Morgan Reznick compete to get the opportunity to attend an old patient who is diagnosed by cancer.