In the last few years, Sonyliv has come up with various top-rated web series that win people’s hearts. Its thriller series Scam 1992 The Harshad Mehta Story is a superhit drama and now the streaming giant has come up with a brand new crime-comedy series “A Simple Murder”.

This seven-part SonyLiv series is the story of a Manish who wants to start a business but his ideas failed much time. His money-hungry and impatient wife Richa wants a quick buck and this becomes a problem for him.

Manish blindly loves Richa and ready to do anything to fulfill her dreams and this creates major chaos in his life. The ride starts with money-hungry ends up on murder and police investigation filled with various twists and turns.

It doesn’t simple as its name, although it a special cat and mouse run that thrill your heart and shake your head. It is the best treat for crime series loves with some dark comedy spice.

What is the story of the series?

A Simple Murder starts with a simple man Manish who is a failed entrepreneur and facing lots of problems in his professional life.

Manish’s wife Richa, an impatient, money-hungry lady, also unhappy with Manish and always create problems for him. She is running a secret affair with her boss Rahul.

Manish is stressed by his professional and personal life and one day coincidently meet Pandit, who runs a slick and successful human extermination business.

Pandit thinks Manish is a contract killer and gives him a contract to kill politician girl Priya, who is in love with a Muslim boy Usmaan. Pandit also gives him an advance of 5 lakh rupees for it.

Manish after seeing the money ready to kill Priya but things do not go the way he thinks. He accidentally killed the wrong girl and take 5 crores with him.

When Manish reaches home with 5 crore rupees, Manish wife Richa is very happy and she runway from there taking money with her.

Manish’s problems increase further when he comes to know that he killed the wrong girl who is Amit Sial’s girlfriend and the police have started investigating the case.

The cat and mouse run between Manish, Amit Sial and Police started. The case of mistaken identity, missing money bag and blinding greed is good to watch and download.

Who will the cast of the series? 

Director Sachin Pathak ensembles cast of talented actors that make dark comedy thriller a top-rated drama with their excellent performances.

Mohammed Zeeshan Ayyub recently seen in the Amazon Prime Video movie Chhalaang. He plays important role of Manish, a failed entrepreneur who is stressed with his professional and personal life in series.

Priya Anand plays the role of Manish’s wife Richa in the series. She is a money-hungry lady who wants a bed of money without putting any effort. Priya worked in various movies like English Vinglish, Fukrey, Adithya Varma, Ezra, and others.

Amit Sial who plays the cop role in Mirzapur 2 seen in the role of Hitman Santosh. He is the contract killer who does Shayari.

Yashpal Sharma, a famous Bollywood who known for his roles in various Hindi movies like Lagaan, Gangaajal, Rowdy Rathore, plays the role of Manish Pandit in the series.

There are many brilliant and passionate actors including Tejashvani Singh as Priya, Ankur Pandey as Usmaan, Sushant Singh as Himmat.

Where to watch the A Simple Murder series? 

The web series “A Simple Murder” is streaming online on the OTT platform SonyLIV.

To watch all seven episodes of web series on SonyLiv you need to get your subscription plans from Rs 299, Rs 699, and Rs 999. Join and binge-watch a simple murder streaming now.

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