A Vampire in the Family is a new horror comedy that you love to enjoy on weekends with popcorn and a cup of coffee.

The Brazilian new movie as its name implies is about the interesting and some people’s favorite genre “Vampire”, the blood sucker.

The movie’s trailer released in late November sounds awesome and revealed much of the movie.

It shows the rivalry between the ex-soccer player and his vampire brother-in-law. The storyline of the movie has various mysteries and unfolds secrets which you know when you watch the movie and read the detailed information mentioned below.

A Vampire in the Family: Plot

The story of this new horror comedy series focuses on Fernandinho, a fainthearted ex-soccer player and podcast commentator. Fernandinho lives with his family in the beautiful city.

One day, he was surprised by the visit of his brother-in-law Gregorio’s visit to his home. As time passes, Fernandinho feels some change in Gregorio’s behavior. He found it irritating and unbearable.

Later, Fernandinho learns that his brother-in-law is a vampire and wants to dominate the world.

He tries to tell the truth to his wife and also gives various hints to her. But her wife never believes that her brother is a vampire or a bloodsucker.

Then, Fernandinho decides to collect evidence against Gregorio and protect his family and the world from the dangerous vampire.

How did Fernandinho save the life of his family members from the vampire? What happened with Georgian and his other vampire people? All you know is when you start streaming the movie on the famous OTT platform.

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Where to watch this new movie?

A Vampire in the Family is available to watch on your favorite streaming channel Netflix from December 24, 2023, Sunday.

If you have its subscription then start streaming the series now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and $15.49 per month without ads. The premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

Who are the cast of this horror comedy movie?

One of the best treats on Christmas “A Vampire in the Family” is directed by Ale McHaddo.

Ale McHaddo is known for her various popular works such as Just Short of Prefect, Osmar, GadgetGang in Outer Space, and others.

She has added various Brazilian stars to his movie.

Leandro Hassum as Fernandinho, an ex-soccer player and podcast commentator.

Romula Arantes as Gregorio, the vampire who wants to dominate the world.

Monique Alfradique as Vanessa, Edson Celulari as Ula Drax, Mel Maia as Carol, Caio Mendonca as Ameba and others.

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