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Amazon Prime’s new series “Afsos” is an astonishing television drama that never watched on streaming channels before. Like various Amazon series, Afsos also receive people’s love and attention around the globe.

Based on Bengali’s novel “Golper Goru Channde” this new series of 2020 shows the story of a suicidal man who wants to die but he failed to do so. It covers various important things such as the importance of life, specter of death and price of immortality.

Here we cover all details related to this new Amazon television series along with its watch online and download.

What About: Afsos Season One

Prime Video series of 2020 focuses on a boy name Nakul whose main aim of life is to finish it. He attempts suicide several times but failed. Finally, he pays for his death; he hires a deadly assassin name Upadhyay to get this job done.

But after time, his heart changes and he decides to live but the story takes a twist when he comes to know that Upadhyay never leaves a job undone. Then a cat and mouse fight starts.

Afsos Season One: Episodes List

The action-comedy series of 2020 contains a total of eight amazing episodes which are mentioned below.

Episode1: The Solution

The first episode of the series show Shloka dismantles Upadhyay mentally in an attempt to escape. Nakul is also come on the railway track to attempt suicide.

Episode2: The Calm

In the second episode, Shloka tells her feelings to Nakul. While on the other hand, Upadhyay is on her way to kill him.

Episode3: The Afterlife

The third episode starts when Fokatiya seems to have finally tracked down the immortal man while journalist Ayesh Mirani probes into Maria’s business.

Episode4: The Stranger

In the fourth episode, Fokatiya declares Nakul to be immortal while the origin story of the portion unfolds.

Episode5: The Immortal

The interesting fifth episode of the comedy series Afsos shows the immortality portion is lost and the sniper is out.

Episode6: The Crow must die

The must-watch and top-rated sixth part of Afsos show Nakul who cracks an outrageous plan to rescue Shlokra.

Episode7: The Shootouts

In the seventh episode of the series, Nakul and Upadhyay finally meet face to face and someone dies in the exchange.

Episode8: The Problem

The eighth episode of 2020 shows how 12 sadhus life mysteriously murder in the Himalayas connected to Nakul’s life.

Where to watch this series?

The new comedy-drama of 2020 starring Gulshan Devaiah, Anjali Patil, Heeba Shah, premiere on January 17 is available on Amazon Prime Video to watch and download.

Afsos: Trailer

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