Day gone is a long game made by Sony for PS4. This game was introduced after the success of God of War and Spider-Man. The game has some intense moment, these are few and far between making the padding of the experience and not bored. What makes the game interesting is the act of sneaking through a Ripper camp and trying to take them all down one by one but one can loss interest when after doing this over and over again but the preferred method is to head-shot everyone and complete it in just the half time.

The game makes up for all its downfalls when it unwrap its fantastic story and character before you. Every embracing story moment is divided by mindless and boring mission which makes it to take a long time to discover it all but when you get to see the cast interacting and the story developing, then you realize the game is a really enjoyable adventure. All it needs is the patient to see it all.


The game takes place two years after the fall of humanity and zombie virus ended the world, few people, creatures and gangs now remains in the Oregon. “Day gone” game is about a Drifter that was caught up in the world with people around him. In Days gone, people with no homes are refers to as Drifters and all they do is to move from one location to another completing bounties for people to earn some currency.

Day Gone
About “Day gone”

Drifters use motorbikes to go around those locations also, Deacon’s wheels are as well an important part of the Day Gone experience. Though Deacon is from Oregon but while passing the place with his friend Boozer, they got stranded due to an encounter with the Rippers which makes Boozer not to be able to ride his bike. Deacon embrace his tragic past from Oregon, meet new people and jungle the emotional ties he has to the land while he was trying to survive the harsh word around him.

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Last Update: March 11, 2024