The Sooryavanshi lead actor Akshay Kumar has apologized for his involvement in an advertising campaign for a popular product of Pan Masala brand.

Akshay Kumar was recently featured in an advertisement for Vimal Elaichi. But he received criticism from his fan following. The advertisement also featured actors Ajay Devgan and Shah Rukh Khan.

The ad shows Ajay Devgan driving a car with Shah Rukh Khan next to him. And the latter says “Dekhein, Kaun Naya Khiladi Aaya Hain (Let’s see who is this new player).” Akshay Kumar is then seen making a grand entry holding a packet of ‘Vimal Elaichi’. 

Vimal Ad
A still from the advertisement

After receiving serious criticism from fans the 54-year-old actor apologized for his wrong choice and posted on Twitter an apology letter to all his fans.

“With all humility, I step back. I have decided to contribute the entire endorsement fee towards a worthy cause. The brand might continue airing the ads till the legal duration of the contract that is binding upon me, but I promise to be extremely mindful in making my future choices. In return, I shall forever continue to ask for your love and wishes.”- wrote the actor.

Akshay Kumar
Akshay Kumar holding the said product.

The actor has also promised that he would put the endorsement fee to a good cause. As we all know Akshay Kumar has helped in many such causes in his past career. It was quite obvious for people to lash out when he chose to be a part of the advertisement.

Last Update: April 21, 2022