Akshay Kumar shared a poster of the new upcoming movie Ram Setu on his Twitter account and it has become a total hit since that time. The actor shared the poster on the 28th of April. And since then the internet has made a meme fest out of it.

The poster features, Akshay Kumar along with Jaquelin Fernandez and Satya Dev wherein all three are looking up, awestruck, at a giant crypt behind them.

Here’s what the poster shows.

akshay kumar new movie ram setu
Poster for Ram Setu posted by Akshay Kumar

What is all the fuss about the poster of Ram Setu?

The internet started asking questions that why Akshay Kumar has a flambeau when Jaquelin Fernandez clearly has a powerful flashlight that could be used efficiently rather than pointing it at the ground.

Here’s how the internet reacted.

Moreover, some fans wondered if the torch in Ram Setu was only for show and whether it had any real use.
Another user said that the film was giving β€œNational Treasure vibes but a cheaper version.” With National Treasure, he was in fact referring to the Hollywood film featuring Nicolas Cage and Diane Kruger.

It is rather quite comical and a very microscopic mistake by the director. I wonder whether the two sources of light are on the occasion of Diwali!

Akshay Kumar had already received quite a lot of criticism from fans recently. It was because of his involvement in an advertisement campaign. Another hit on the internet is something he’d have to handle gracefully.

The film is set to release in theatres in Diwali 2022. Secondly, after the release, it would be available on Amazon Prime Video.