In the starting month of 2024, Netflix has brought various famous documentaries, movies, and TV shows and it has not stopped yet. The channel has ended the month with an exciting new historical docuseries “Alexander: The Making of God”.

In history, we all have heard about Alexander the Great and read the history books related to it. 

His journey to become the greatest warrior of all time is really commendable and now it’s time to watch his life through the eyes of Lucy van Beek and Nick Catliff. 

After a long wait of almost 6 years, the legendary ruler is finally arriving on the streaming channel. The series covers every aspect of his life. 

Starting from a young man or a warrior prince who is desperate to become the greatest warrior or legendary Hellenic ruler. 

With the help of contemporary accounts and fact-based archaeology, most of which is based on ongoing excavations being undertaken by Greek archeologist Calliope Limneos-Papakosta in Alexandria, Egypt, the city that Alexander the Great founded, the series shows the iconic journey of Alexander in a unique way. 

The docuseries try to touch each point of Alexander’s life. To know about this new 2024 series, check the details mentioned below. 

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Alexander: The Making of God: Plot

The series starts by focusing on a young man who wants to make his place in the world. After his father’s assassination, Alexander quickly united his country in a dominance campaign. 

His determination and willingness to achieve something in life are so strong that he claims the largest Western empire in history, from Macedonia to Egypt and from Greece to some parts of India, in less than 6 years. 

Along with Alexander’s warrior life, the series also touches on the childhood time of Alexander with his friends. His purported lover Hephaestion and his personal life. 

So, don’t miss out on watching this small series which retells the story of the king of the Greek Kingdom of Macedon. 

How many episodes does the new series have? 

The historical docuseries Alexander: The Making of God contains a total of 6 episodes that uniquely touch the life of Alexander the Great. 

All six episodes of the 2024 series will be dropped on the streaming channel one day. So, don’t forget to watch them. 

Where to watch this new series? 

The best new adventures of the Alexander are available to watch on your favorite streaming channel Netflix from January 31, 2024, Wednesday. 

If you have its subscription then start streaming the new historical docuseries now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and $15.49 per month without ads. The premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

Who is the cast of the 2024 January docuseries? 

One of history’s greatest military general life covering docuseries is directed by Hugh Ballantyne, Mike Slee, and Stuart Elliott. 

The star performers of this new iconic historical series are also the best in their fields. 

Buck Braithwaite portrays the role of Alexander the Great. Buck also plays an important role in the Apple TV+ series Masters of the Air

Mido Hamada is in the role of King Darius. He performed his roles so well that you love to watch him again and again. 

Steven Hartley is seen in the role of General Memnon. Steven has worked in various good web series such as Trial & Retribution, Call the Midwife, Grace, and others. 

Jadran Malkovich as general Parmenion, James Oliver Wheatley as Attalus, Waleed Elgadi as Bessus, Alain Ali Washnevsky as Mazaeus and others. 

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