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American Horror Story: How popular series scare everyone in every season?


American horror series widely abbreviated as AHS in the world of entertainment is a horror anthology series created by Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk and aired on the FX cable network. So far it has aired nine seasons with a total of 95 episodes.

Though individual seasons have different reception by audiences overall American Horror Story has been able to receive many awards till now like Golden globe and Guild awards. They are also planning for season 10 in 2020. 

American Horror Story Episodes: Detail

Season name No of episodes Date of air
1-murder house 12 Oct 5 2011
2 –asylum 13 Oct 17 2012
3-coven 13 Oct 9 2013
4-freak show 13 Oct 8 2014
5-hotel 12 Oct 7 2015
6-Roanoke 10 Sep 14 2016
7-Cult 11 Sep 5 2017
8-Apocalypse 10 Sep 12 2018
9-1984 10 Sep 18 2019

American Horror Story Seasons: Storyline

Season—1 (Murder house)

It centers around one family namely hormone family moving to a new house which was a haunted mansion by the ghosts of former residents and victims. This season which takes place in Los Angeles, California has twelve episodes and the first episode was aired on October 5, 2011. This season has everything to scare the audiences starting from screams, sex, and insane behaviors, etc.

Season—2 (Asylum)

The second season aired on October 17, 2012, features a new location and new characters, thus making it a perfect anthology series. The season starts in 1964 in a mental institution with stories of staffs and inmates with overlapping events of past and present. This season also received a good response from the audiences. This season has thirteen episodes.

Season—3 (Coven)

The third season with thirteen episodes was aired on October 9, 2013. It shows the struggle for survival of coven of witches descended from Salem as they are facing threats from witch hunters and voodoo practitioners. The season takes place in New Orleans. This season also received a great response.

Season—4(Freak show)

The fourth season which has thirteen episodes centers on the last American Freak shows and their struggle for survival. This season takes place in 1952 in Jupiter Florida and garnered a huge response from the audiences.

Season—5 (Hotel)

This season having twelve episodes follows strange and very dangerous activities and happenings in hotel Cortez, Los Angeles California. This season was aired on October 7, 2015. The up and down in suspense drama makes it glued to watch the series.


This season focuses on insane and paranormal activities and events which happen in an isolated and haunted deceased Roanoke colony in northern California. This season was aired on September 14, 2016, with ten episodes.


The seventh season shows how a cult starts instilling fear among the residents by terrorizing them after the US presidential election 2016. It was set in Brookfield Heights Michigan in 2017. This season has eleven episodes and aired on September 5, 2017

Season –8 (Apocalypse)

This season has ten episodes and was aired on September 12, 2018. This season shows the return of coven of witches and their attempt to protect the apocalypse.


This season has ten episodes and aired on September 18, 2019. This season has been influenced by other horror series which are based on the same theme though it’s all other episodes are yet to be unfolded on television.

American Horror Story: Cast

Some big names that include in the cast of this top-rated and interesting television series are

Original Name Series Name
Evan Peters James March
Sarah Paulson Lana Winters
Kathy Bates Madame Delphine LaLaurie
Jessica Lange Constance Langdon
Frances Conroy Myrtle Snow
Lily Rabe Misty Day
Angela Bassett Desiree Dupree
Emma Roberts Madison Montgomery
Cheyenne Jackson Will Drake

Audience Review about the series

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