Seeing Arya unclad, seems like a prank

Game of Thrones is here again, as Sunday night’s come with yet another interesting episode that is filled with lots of anticipating favorite characters carousing, arguing and dropping truth bombs.

This week episode focused mainly on the Winterfell story line which centered on Cersei and King’s Landing. Much like the first episode which all hours was devoted to character development and Interaction rather than action.

The only spotted action was the one between Gendey and Arya which is very weird because Arya is still consider or seen to be young for playing such part contrary to Gendry who is a full- grown man, many people still think Arya is that small girl of season 1 not knowing she is now grown up into a young lady, but it still weird to see her going nude and hop into bed with her old friend and had her first time sex experience.

arya stark

Sophie was the first to read the script about her having sex and she immediately went to meet Arya and asked “have you read it?” and Arya was like I was I’m midway through episode 1; Sophie say with excitement this scene, this page, read it! This is awesome! She was elated. Sophie has suspected the scene between Arya and her traveling companion Gendey was not legit.

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The Producer Benioff and Weiss has initially play pranks on their cast by sending them a counterfeit scripts in season 1 where Jon Snow’s face was said to be horribly disfigured.

And now that the script was read aloud at the final season table, Arya accepted that, yes she was going to sleep with Gendry on the evening of the winterfall battle against the army of the dead.

Stark Arya joined Game of Thrones when she was 11 she is now grown as she is now 22 years. Arya says the show runners should let her decide how much to show and both told her.

she can show as much or as little as she want.

Arya asserted that we were directed by David Nutter, who has habit of speaking fast and by the end we are rushing to finish the scene and David was like you were going to come in and do this and do that, off your top and then walked off …….. Okay. Let’s do it.

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Last Update: April 23, 2019