James Cameron’s film has been in production for several years. Even then fans awaited this moment for a very long time. On Wednesday night CinemaCon announced the release of Avatar 2. The film is called Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar 2009 film

What is the release date of Avatar: The Way of Water?

The film is set to release in December 16, 2022. The Way of the Water follows the events of Avatar and focuses on the Sully family.

CinemaCon is an annual convention of movie theatres owners. Release of first looks or trailers and important announcements happens every year at the CinemaCon. Here’s the poster for Avatar: The Way of Water.

Avatar: The Way of Water poster release

CinemaCon saw the release of two scenes from the said movie. The film shows newer tribes mainly those living near the water.

Announcement for fans…

Avatar 2 is the second film in the planned five-film franchise. Although the timeline of the movie is set decades after the events of the first film, the movie will follow the story of Sully family where Jake (Sam Worthington) and Neytiri (Zoe Saldana) have created a small family .

Therefore they must protect their family from all the dangers maybe from new characters. The first film Avatar released in 2009 and crossed the mark of $2 billion earning $2.84 globally. Moreover the studio has decided to re-release the Avatar film in September ie. 3 months before it’s sequel in theatres. It is for the newer audience who may have missed it in the span of 13 years.

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Last Update: April 30, 2022