Doctors are the person in everyone’s life whom they trust blindly. Whether it is related to a minor issue or a major surgery, doctors play an important role.

But what happens when a trusted person breaks our trust? The new drama “Bad Surgeon Love Under the Knife” is all about this.

The new doctor series shows how a popular surgeon with groundbreaking achievements did one of the biggest frauds of medical history that no one thing or expected.

The 2023 series shows how a god-like figure becomes a demon. The series uncovers various mysteries which you know when you watch the 2023 new documentary.

The details of the series and its other important facts, mentioned in the blog below, along with its watch online and download details.

Bad surgeon love under the knife: Brief introduction

The documentary focuses on a famous surgeon Dr. Paolo Macchiarini.

In 2011, Macchiarini was known around the world for his revolutionary stem cell-infused windpipe transplants. He considered as the future of the transplant industry. People treat him as a god-like figure.

But things are not the same as they appear, the patients on whom Paolo did his surgery are dying.

Later, a truth also revealed that his research and all other things were also wrong, he just lied about all these things.

In his personal life also, Paolo is full of lies, he tells his fiancee that he is a private surgeon and knows various renowned personalities such as Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Sir Elton John, and others.

The documentary shows how his every lie comes outside one by one after talking to his fiancee, patient’s families, and the people who have known him.

Later, in the series, after a final investigation, a Swedish appeal court sentenced Paolo to two-and-a-half years in prison for gross assault.

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Where to watch and download the 2023 new documentary?

The new biography documentary will be available on your favorite online streaming channel Netflix from Wednesday, November 29, 2023, to watch and download.

So, if you have its subscription then start streaming the series now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and without ads costs $15.49 per month. The premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

How many episodes does the new series have?

The Doctor to Monster journey will be covered in three episodes which will be coming to watch worldwide tomorrow.

Bad Surgeon love under the knife: Cast

An award-winning director and cinematographer Ben Steele has directed this medical drama.

The series produced by five major producers Sonia Anderson, David Herman, Nicola Moody, Lisa Polese, and Jane Root.

The cast of the series includes a single and most important person doctor Paolo Macchiarini.

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