Loved watching the trending comedy show, Beef Netflix? If yes, here is a list of the top shows like Beef on Netflix that you must watch next!

Beef Netflix– Top 5 shows like Beef on Netflix you must watch now!

Did you just finish binge watching the trending comedy series, Beef Netflix? If your answer is yes, you must be looking for more shows like Beef on Netflix to watch next right?

Beef, which was released recently in Netflix on April 6, 2023 has been trending on the popular streaming platform for quite some time now. The comedy drama series starring Ali Wong and Steven Yuen has been talk of the internet for the past few weeks and if you haven’t watched the show yet, you are surely missing on it! So go on and binge watch the comedy series before you get its spoilers. And here’s a list of the top shows like Beef on Netflix that you might want to watch next.

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Dead to Me- One of the top shows like Beef on Netflix you must watch now

Dead to Me is yet another amazing dark comedy series that fans of Beef Netflix must watch. The plot of this dark comedy on Netflix follows the story of Jen, a newly widowed woman who is trying to solve her husband’s murder. After the death of her husband, she attends a grief support group and there she meets Judy, after which the two quickly become friends. However, a big secret between them threatens to ruin everything, leading to even more secrets and hidden agendas.
Dead to me is a very popular Netflix series that explores emotions such as loss, grief, and forgiveness, with a darkly comedic tone. So if you are a fan of the trending show Beef Netflix, then you will surely enjoy watching Dead to me.

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Killing Eve- One of the best shows you must watch that’s like Beef Netflix

Killing Eve is another one of the top shows like Beef on Netflix that you must watch right away. This British spy thriller TV series is based on the “Villanelle”, a popular book by Luke Jennings. The show follows the story of a MI5 analyst Eve Polastri, who becomes obsessed with assassin Oksana Astankova/Villanelle. As they engage in a game of wits, their obsession with each other takes over their lives, similar to the characters in Beef.

With its espionage setting, this popular thriller series starring Sandra Oh and Jodie Comer provides the typical rivalry plotline a high-stakes twist. Showcasing two powerful women competing against each other, with their connection developing in fascinating ways, Killing Eve is one of the must watch thriller series on Netflix that will keep viewers invested in the story. If you loved Beef Netflix you must give this series a try too!

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After Life- One of the top shows like Beef on Netflix

After Life is another must watch dark comedy like Beef Netflix. This show follows the story of Tony Johnson, a newspaper writer who is coping with his wife’s death by distancing himself from others and being cold-hearted. This comedy drama series takes a critical look at societal norms while exploring the repressed anger in people. If Beef showcases impulsive anger that arises from unfulfilled desires, then After Life delves deeper into those uncontrolled emotions with a lead character who revels in cynical behavior. If you are fan of dark comedies like Beef then After Life is a must watch for you!

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The End of the F…ing World

The End of the F***king World is one of the top shows like Beef on Netflix you must watch right away. This series is based on comic by Charles Forsman and is a must watch for you if you enjoy watching dark comedies like Beef. The plot of this series follows the story of James. James is a young outcast who believes that he’s a psychopath and plans to murder his classmate, Alyssa. Alyssa agrees to go on a road trip with James to escape her troubled life and find her father. But things take a dark and twisted turn, with James’ violent intentions and the situations they encounter as they embark on their journey. If you enjoyed watching Beef Netflix, you will definitely enjoy watching this show!

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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl is a TV series based on Cecily von Ziegesar’s book series and it is must watch for you if you enjoyed watching Beef Netflix. The plot of this show follows a group of privileged teenagers from wealthy families who lead scandalous lives in Manhattan’s Upper East Side. This series takes a dramatic turn when a notorious blogger reveals their darkest secrets, changing their lives forever. With intense drama and emotionally charged storylines, Gossip Girl is quite similar to Beef. Similar to the conflict between Danny and Amy in Beef, you can also see conflict between the main protagonists in Gossip Girl. So, if you are looking for shows like Beef on Netflix, this one’s for you!

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