In tragic news, Bengali television actress, Pallavi Dey was found dead in her apartment in Kolkata’s Garfa area.

Pallavi Dey Bengali actress

A preliminary post mortem suggests that Bengali actress Pallavi Dey who was found dead in her apartment died by suicide. The reports also say that she lived on rent in that flat. Pallavi Dey’s family said that her live-in partner Shagnik Chakraborty is the primary suspect. Shagnik also stayed with Pallavi in her rented apartment.

The girl’s parents also claim that Shagnik deceived their daughter. They said that Shagnik was already married and their daughter did not know about that. Six months ago when she confronted him about his marriage, he said that he had filed for a divorce. Although whether it is true or not is yet to be disclosed.

pallavi dey died by suicide
Pallavi Dey

The parents also claim that Shagnik was financially dependent on Pallavi. The reports also suggest that she was doing well on the carrier front. Hence, there was no reason that she would commit suicide. She recently purchased a vehicle and she was doing well.

Where is the investigation so far?

The police officials are doing a detailed investigation of call details and Shagnik’s bank accounts. They are especially looking into the joint accounts that Shagnik had with the deceased. Moreover, police found a transfer of Rs 15 lakh. Further investigation is still ongoing.

When Police interviewed Shagnik he denied any such charges. Also, he was the one who found Pallavi’s body in the apartment. He said that on Sunday morning, he went out to purchase cigarettes and when he returned he found the Bengali actress in that manner. She died at the young age of 21. He also confessed that before leaving they had a heated argument. The topic of the argument is not yet known.

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Last Update: May 18, 2022